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!TOOH! - Order And Punishment
!TOOH!, which is an abbrevation for The Obliteration Of Humanity, have started out in 1992 and weren’t really well-known by then. Still, !TOOH! was a name that sounded totally unfamiliar with me even with the fact that Earache is their label. Earache has some very interesting releases, so I decided to check this one out. The band joined Earache in 2004. Unfortunately, the English part of the homepage is not working, so I had to look on the Czech part. I couldn’t understand more of this biography, because I’m not a real adept in the Czech language.
Let’s start listening then! The first thing that catched my eyes were the idiotic song title. The first song is entitled Al-Amin (Aneb Jak Vycakat Jelito) (Or How To Get One’s Rocks Off). I couldn’t help laughing my ass off because all the titles are somewhat like this one. The music however kicked me right in the face, brutally produced and sounded very Czech, like the band Alienation Mental. The variety of riffing is huge and the short riffs are very Dillinger Escape Plan alike. The vocals are freaked up screaming and grunting, like Macabre. Okay, I just finished talking about track one, track two sounds so completely different, that it could have been a different band. The riffs are very tempting and keep in your head all day long. The song is entitled Analyza Zahnedy (Analysis Of The Shitstain) and the refrain reminded me of Folk metal like Cruachan (without the female vocals though) The song ends with a sheep bleating, which made me fall of my chair laughing! I cannot describe every track, because this review would become boring to read, so I’ll conclude by saying that this is one of the most diverse and original albums I’ve ever heard.
!TOOH! have convinced me, mix freaked up grind with funny and chaotic vocals and add a lot of different cool metal stuff and you have described this band. Owh, did I mention the classical guitar solo’s which would not misstand on an Iced Earth record? Earache have catched one hell of a fish with this band!
!TOOH! - Order And Punishment
85/1001Details Earache Records
Released on Friday Nov 18th, 2005
Freak Grind/Death

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Mar 23rd, 2006

Tags: #!TOOH!
Tracklisting 1. Al-am�n (aneb jak vyc�kat jelito)(Or How To Get One\'s Rocks Off)
2. Anal�za z�hnědy (Analysis Of The Shitstain
3. Konec kontinent�ln�ho kontejneru (Conclusion Of The Continental Contain)
4. Hanička – př�běh nebo�ačky
5. Abu-Hassan
6. �d a trest (Order And Punishment)
7. J� samarit�n (I, Samaritan)
8. K�l�
9. Padaj�, p�skaj�
10. To je j�zda bo��nku
Line up Vocals/Drums - Jan Vesely
Vocals/Guitar - Josef Vesely
Guitars - Wokis
Bass - Petr Svoboda