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Backyard Babies - People Like People Like People Like Us
Have you ever been into something you just didn’t understand? Like playing the same arcade game on the internet for the 32nd time in a row, eating nine pears on a day or turning the channels for six hours without really watching something. It’s weird but somehow mankind is programmed to enjoy such activities.

This is the 13th time I’m actually listening to the latest Backyard Babies record ‘People like people like people like us’ and I can’t really tell what’s making me turning this one on again and again. The formula is pretty well-known by now, a combination of the massive folk singing like Flogging Molly and the raw punkish style from Rancid. And whether it's brought by the funny lyrics (try nót to sing ‘people like people like people like us’ several times or try nót to laugh at ‘Cockblocker blues’) the positive attitude I can truly welcome, or the simplistic punk rock songs; I like it a lot. 

At my first analysis, there were no real individual highlights. Maybe ‘The Mess Age’ and ‘I Got Spades’ come closest to powerful songs (maybe that second one is just because I like to play poker a lot recently) that would well do in the charts. The rest is a little bit of the same we’re already used to; a faster song, then a little bit slower, several vocals insinuating having a party. Maybe I should explain it by saying I got the feeling a checklist was made to make sure every ingredient for another record was included. ‘Yes, we’ve got all the pieces. Let’s get on the road!’ Do you get my point?

Still, the fact is that I really enjoy listening to this album more than twice. Now that’s a confrontation you know. Feeling absolutely positive about something I’d otherwise reject. Maybe the enthusiasm of the band, the pureness, positive attitude (listen to the vocal lines for instance) made me convince that it is not always about being responsible. We all love to keep ourselves busy with something personal unusual. Well, as long as you feel comfortable with it, I’d say do so! Eat that second bag of crisps, watch the whole season of Oprah or play hockey all day long. I’ll listen to Backyard Babies instead and there’s no one who’s gonna tell me not to do so. Fuck the system!
Backyard Babies - People Like People Like People Like Us
79/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Monday Apr 24th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Mar 30th, 2006

Tags: #Backyard Babies
Tracklisting 1. People Like People Like People Like Us
2. Cockblocker Blues
3. Dysfunctional Professional
4. We Go A Long Way Back
5. Roads
6. Blitzkrieg Loveshock
7. The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)
8. I Got Spades
9. Hold \'Em Down
10. Heroes&Heroines
11. You Cannot Win
12. Things To Do Before We Die
Line up Nicke Borg: lead vocals / guitar
Dregen: lead guitar / vocals
Johan Blomquist: bass
Peder Carlsson: drums
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