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Time Requiem - Optical Illusion
Neo – progressive film – musical metal is the way they consider to describe Time Requiem’s music the best, and that’s quite accurate if you ask me. Keyboard virtuoso Richard Andersson has created the third album in this band’s existence, and this time it features ex-Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Goran Edman on vocals, so you can safely say that is a real treat for progressive metalheads.
To be honest, I’m not that big a fan of keyboard fiddling, let alone progressive metal, but sometimes you gotta take one for the team, haha. But seriously, it takes an idiot not to acknowledge this band’s great quality and musical expertise. The bio mentioned the fact that Richard Andersson (who is the composer of these eight tracks) has a thing for music in movies, the way they build up to the exiting parts. Combine that with a fine interest for classical music and a love for playing progressive metal, you can conclude that this is a fine rock recording.
The songs all vary in tempo, but all have the same direction. Metalriffs accompanied by keyboards, double bass drumming and high male vocals, with a moment where skills need to be shown. To me it gets redundant very fast, but I’m betting my ass that there are a lot of keyboard loving metalheads that can’t wait to get their hands on this masterpiece. The disc features some impressing dual solo executed by the guitar and keyboard that sound very Dream Theater to me. Could even appeal to some open minded Children of Bodom fans, and yes I know they’re scarce!
That’s about all I have to say about this records. To put this music in one sentence; keyboard fuelled classical influenced progressive metal executed on a quite high level of musical mastery. Dig it, or be bored.
Time Requiem - Optical Illusion
83/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Monday Apr 24th, 2006
Progressive metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Apr 5th, 2006

Tags: #Time Requiem
Tracklisting 1. Sin To Sin
2. The Talisman
3. Optical Illusion
4. The Ashen Soul
5. Ocean Wings
6. Creator In Time
7. Miracle Man
8. Sphere Of Fantasy
9. Despair And Pain
Line up Richard Andersson - Keyboards
G�ran Edman - Vocals
Andy Rose - Bass
Magnus Nilsson - Guitar
J�rg Andrews - Drums