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Anti-Flag - For Blood and Empire
It’s been a long time since Anti-Flag hit the road for the first time and although I’ve never seen them live and did not own a single record before, I was pretty much familiar with their punk rock music, considering their political messages as one of the best in the music business. You know, it’s hard to review an album that you dislike but in fact is pretty good. But it’s even harder to review an album which overwhelms you but is in fact not that special.
All the fans of Anti-Flag can buy this album blind. The band did a good job with creating new songs: the massive singing, the fast rhythms and the sense for melodies are great as ever. Personally, I like this band for being able to make pure punk music without slamming the same pattern of six power chords in a row over and over again.

No, Anti-Flag is able to come up with some nice variation. Instead of the above things I just mentioned, the songs have more different dimensions that make this record interesting as it is. Whether it’s the more melodic ‘The Press Corpse’ the angry ‘Émigré’ or the hit-potential ‘This is the End (For You My Friend)’ with a nice slow pattern towards the climax, somewhere in the end of the song. All the songs are really to listen to with still some things to discover after a few more listening sessions and in my opinion, a punk band has than done a good job.

But, the way in which Anti-Flag really distinguishes themselves from others, is of course by using political messages. Listen to Émigré: ‘First they came for the Communists, but I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists, but I did not speak out. Next they came for the Trade Humanists, but I did not speak out. And then they came for me!!’ It’s amazing how suitable this punk rock is for using political messages. In my opinion, there are very few bands out there that are able to sound as convincing as Anti-Flag does on ‘For Blood and Empire’. Especially the last (wow, nice and fast) song ‘Depleted Uranium is a War Crime’ which also mentions the current situation in Afghanistan and Iraq touched me, with an explanation about the severity of the possible damages of this atom.
It may be clear, if you want to protest one of these days, this album should be a source of inspiration for you. Both having fun and making a statement are combined in a very, very convincing and entertaining way. Maybe a little more experimenting could give the band a more unique face but still, it’s an amazing album and by far the best punk record I’ve heard this year so far. And for you who have the intention to buy the album. Try to put it on your portable music devices and walk around your neighborhood and your city center while paying attention to the lyrics. It might give you some impressions you never had before. And that’s interesting isn’t it?  
Anti-Flag - For Blood and Empire
82/1001Details Red Ink
Released on Tuesday Mar 21st, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday Apr 7th, 2006

Tags: #Anti-Flag
Tracklisting 1. I\'d tell you but....
2. The Press Corpse
3. Emigre
4. The Project of a New American Century
5. Hymn for the Dead
6. This is the End (For you My Frien)
7. One Trillion Dollars
8. State Funeral
9. Confessions of an Economic Man
10. War sucks, Let\'s Party!
11. The W.T.O. Kills Farmers
12. Cities Burn
13. Depleted Uranium is a War Crime
Line up Justin Sane: Guitar, Vocals.
Chris #2: Bass, Vocals.
Chris Head: Guitar, Vocals.
Pat Thetic: Drums.
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