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Sodom - Sodom
Almost half a year ago I received Sodom’s ‘Lords of Depravity pt I’. That was the first time I had a complete work of the band. After that I got interested in them and the message that their new record would be simply called ‘Sodom’ sounded very promising. ‘If there is any time I could step in in the development of this band, it should be now’, I thought. So I listened and listened and listened………
‘Huh. ‘Oh my god, acoustic guitars?’ That was my first impression about the first twenty seconds. But after that, the mess slowly begins to emerge. Smoothly. And then a simple low bass riff, Tom’s vocals, taking it easy for another twenty seconds, and then: ‘Wruuuuuu!!!’ What a great opening song it is, pure with some nice guitar effects in the background.
On the whole, the record contains more melodic parts than before. The usual Sodom metal that is straight forward and fast as hell is still present of course, but I can truly hear the difference. Whether it’s inside the songs (the structure of ‘City of God’ for instance) on the total record itself (sounding as a whole) or the actual musical parts (‘Nothing Regret’ seems to use different and strange guitar chords) ‘Sodom’ is actually a logical album in the sequel of the band.
In my personal opinion, the band did a fine job by developing a new sound and experimenting a bit. I think that such things are important for a band that’s on the road for such a long time, but it’s not always that convincing as it should be. Especially the last couple of songs do not speak of the musical creativity (it looks like out of the last four songs, three of them have the same opening chord) that results in a revolution. Therefore, ‘Sodom’ is way too descent.
Tom Angelripper wouldn’t be himself without getting politically involved into the system, as he did on Agent Orange for instance. Like the track ‘Axis of Evil’ where he sings ‘We should be proud of our glory because of our past’ refers to the madness outside. I think this is a good metaphor for the whole album. Of course times have changed and Sodom has been changing (a lot of different line-ups) throughout the years as well, but there’s always the core of the band to stand straight up. And for those of you who really dig that, you’ve just been Sodomized. Again.
Sodom - Sodom
78/1001Details SPV
Released on Monday Apr 24th, 2006
Thrash Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Apr 10th, 2006

Tags: #Sodom
Tracklisting 1. Blood on Your Lips
2. Wanted Dead
3. Buried in the Justice Ground
4. City of God
5. Bibles and Guns
6. Axis of Evil
7. Lords of Depravity
8. No Captures
9. Lay Down the Law
10. Nothing to Regret
11. The Enemy Inside
Line up Tom Angelripper: vocals, bass
Bernemann: guitars
Bobby Schottkowski: drums
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