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Loch Vostok - Destruction Time Again
Loch Vostok comes from the name of a subterranean lake in Antarctica and was founded in 2001. When I did a little research about the band on the internet, I found that this is their third release so far and this album will be spread worldwide. Sounds pretty promising isn’t it? Also, the website, artwork and the rest of the presentation looks pretty professional. Hmm, might this be a revelation?
The first impression I get is that Loch Vostok has listened very well to their nation’s biggest progressive metal band Evergrey. Especialy the vocal lines and the strong guitar riffs (yet, these are a little bit faster) remind me of the Swedish pioneers. But then, when having this comparison in mind, the record is a disappointment. When listening to the song patterns, the band has made choices which are hard to understand. The variety is enormous; try to listen to the different duality of the vocals, one time with a clean (woman) singing, the other time with very dark, brutal grunts. Sometimes the band chooses heavy guitar riffs (like on the sixth song Destruction Time Again), the other time easier guidance, but this is combined with keyboards which seem to be unable to choose the right sound. And what is that? A guitar solo, all of a sudden, out of nowhere? Together with the not very convincing vocals, it makes this album an album to think about, but not in a very positive way.
I think I could describe this album the best by imagining a setting in which the members of the band all want to have a specific part of music in the songs they like the most. The guitar player likes to play solo’s, ok we do them. Singer likes to make strange loops, ok, you can have it. Another vocals, anyone? It’s like Loch Vostok didn’t want any arguing during the recordings and made an album without cohesion instead. 

Of course, the production is very fine and the melodies sure have the potential to come out great if worked out well. But in this way, there sure is no chance of surviving the, already high density of qualified progressive metal, competition.  
Loch Vostok - Destruction Time Again
55/1001Details Escapi Music
Released on Friday Apr 14th, 2006
Progressive Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Apr 11th, 2006

Tags: #Loch Vostok
Tracklisting 1. Humanitix
2. Rebound
3. Jonestown Slumber Party
4. Xerox Nation
5. Autumn Lord
666. Destruction Time Again
7. Symbiosis
8. Falself
9. Talk
10. True Deceiver
11. Gestalt
Line up Teddy M�ller: vocals, guitars
Niklas Kupper: guitars
Tomas Tym Johnsson: bass
Alvaro Romero Torres Swaner�: drums
Fredrik Klingwall: keyboards