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Keishah - Keishah
Sometimes you visit a concert without any expectations about the support act, especially when there are three of them. On the 2nd of April I visited the Hed. pe show and witnessed Keishah live on stage. And I was impressed. Nu-metal seemed to be a dying genre in the world of heavy metal but after their show I realized that, just like other genres, the core will stay alive, available for any band who want to pick it up and putting a personal twist to it. Just like Keishah.
Ok, nu-metal it is. But in a special way, at least that’s what I think. The intro of the first song ‘Dans mon Repaire’ is so god damn promising, sounding like an oriental violin playing an electronic tune, followed by a heavy riff. After that, the verse sets in and we get in contact with the French vocals for the first time, sounding like hip-hop combination between Manau and Cypress Hill. The nice thing about this song is that the musicians seem to control themselves; they do not feel the urge to be individually present all the time, which results in good songwriting.
And as the cd continues, a few things come across my attention. The fine production makes the cd a pleasant treat for my ears, combining the electronic samples and beats with heavy guitar riffs. There is no real singing; the frontman is a rapper and the bass player takes care of most of the angry vocal parts. Also, a lot of songs try to build up a specific sphere, leaving space for slow pieces of rest which emphasizes the hip-hop influences even more.
However, after a few songs, I feel like I’ve had it with this album. Although the songs are pretty much accessible and well worked out, it’s a bit of the same. The interlude ‘Rlx’ with a piano/keyboard and a bass solo for forty seconds may seem like a nice alternative variation but actually it’s pretty predictable and the limited capabilities of the singer isn’t doing my attempts to hold on to the entire album any good.
Keishah did a really good job in combining different musical styles into one sound and kept the idea of songwriting as a very important one. Songs like ‘Dans mon Repaire’ the heavy ‘Le Sang Coule’ and ‘Effacée’ are real killers songs with a high rate of hit potential. It really is a sound of the young generation but now and then, the album lacks originality and simply cool riffs. Maybe, the band is still a cocoon, with the necessary promising start and a well paved road, waiting for the right time to become a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to keep an eye on it and watch it develop. I’m sure I’ll do that.
Keishah - Keishah
77/1001Details Versus
Released on Friday Apr 14th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday Apr 14th, 2006

Tags: #Keishah
Tracklisting 1. Dans mon Repaire
2. Explose
3. Elle S\'eveille
4. Parasites
5. Rix
6. Ton Regard M\'effraie
7. Effacee
8. Le Sang Coule
9. 1termede
10. Une Journee Ordinaire
11. Ce Pouvoir
12. Uniforme
Line up Shob - basse
Nico - guitare + programmation
Zez - batterie
Jer�me - chant
Fatt - chant