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Sikh - Sikh
Sikh was one the three opening acts of the (hed)PE show the second of April and it was a good choice because their music lies in the vein of that of (hed)PE. It can simply be described as Nu-Metal and worked well live; they got some good reactions from the audience. Now would their unoriginal music work on CD?
Yeah, I say unoriginal although on their MySpace site is stated the opposite. They play low tuned Nu-Metal with a big role for the bass guitar, a lot of plucking and slapping can be heard which is awesome, but it instantly reminded me of other French Nu-Metal bands like Pleymo and Watcha. It doesn’t surprise me that this debut of Sikh is mixed by two members of the latter, because they simply have nearly the same sound. So is Sikh a Watcha rip-off?
Not exactly, since Sikh makes more use of the double bass paddles which gives their music some extra energy. But besides that they don’t really add a new twist to the genre, they just do same thing as is did before; screaming vocals with clean choruses, high bleeps on the guitar and even their image is as it is supposed to be with three members having dreads. Though they are good at what they do, the album kicks off with a nice low, though simple riff and thanks to the production it is a really strong song. The entire album contains some good aggressive riffs which will make your head bang, but as in “I Can’t Take It” the riffs are often not well connected, which is annoying. An other thing which is quite annoying is the one-sided vocals, which come to a highest point in the last song “Kallaghan V1.02” where the sentence “Say my name” is repeated 16 (!) times. 
To conclude I would say that Sikh’s debut sounds as it should be: aggressive, grooving, funky and energetic, but it has all been done before. If it was released a couple of years earlier I would have really liked and would have accepted the flaws that I named, now it’s just an okay album to listen to.
Sikh - Sikh
60/1001Details Versus
Released on Tuesday Oct 18th, 2005

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Tuesday Apr 18th, 2006

Tags: #Sikh
Tracklisting 1. Malingo
2. I Can\'t Take It
3. Choirs
4. W.E.A.R.E
5. Foofipe City
6. Ground Zero
7. Medrica
8. Blizzard
10. Planet B
10. Kallaghan V1.02
Line up Vocals - Kai
Guitar - Nico
Bss - Boz
Drums - Gaeled