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Arachnes - In Praise Of Science
I like melodies; I welcome good production as if it was only for the fact that the music could be better reviewed. And I also like progressive metal. All ingredients should therefore be available to give the eighth releases of progressive metal band Arachnes a nice score.
However, the start is pretty bad with a piano song simply called ‘Overture’. Now I’ve played this instrument for over six years and I think I can say that it was a bad choice to include this as an opening. Think about some minor broken chords. And after this song, the real music starts and just like the intro, I had to get used to the music. Whereas ‘Just Try And Hit Me’ sounds really cool, reminding me of the latest Vanden Plas, songs like ‘Gothic Description’ and ‘Dark Side Of My Mind’ just cannot convince me with their soft structures and sometimes unlucky chosen vocal lines.
Although the music itself isn’t that bad, the whole sound is just like in a computer game; crappy electronic. I get the feeling that I’ve been listening a single person who’s been working on a computer program for some time instead of a whole band that’s been working on new potential live material.
I’d sure need to mention the trilogy ‘Mediterranean Suite’ divided into three movements. It’s an instrumental work with a well chosen title. Especially the great use of the keyboards and the variation in tempos in these songs has worked out really well, leaving nothing to the imagination that this is actually about the Mediterranean lands. But then again, the sound of the band makes the music sound unrealistic to me and although that’s a personal matter I’d say that it doesn’t do the band any good.
Maybe it’s a little bit too much, this review. But then again, there are so many progressive metal bands these days that you really have to distinguish yourself from the others in order to get a name for yourself. And without that unique identity, I’d say you’d better skip ‘In Praise of Science’.
Arachnes - In Praise Of Science
62/1001Details Scarlet Records
Released on Friday Apr 21st, 2006
Progressive Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday Apr 21st, 2006

Tags: #Arachnes
Tracklisting 1. Overture
2. Gothic Description
3. Just Try And Hit Me
4. Dark Side Of My Mind
5. I´m Closing My Eyes
6. Mediterranean Suite First Movement
7. Mediterranean Suite Second Movement
8. Mediterranean Suite Third Movement
9. A Secret Sky
10. Schizophrenia
11. Nightmare
12. Blues Variation
13. Knowledge
Line up Franco Caruso - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Enzo Caruso - Lead Vocal, Piano and Keyboards
Gabriele Baroni - Bass
Stefano Caironi - Drums