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The Forecast - In The Shadows of Two Gunmen
Metalrage is doing great these days. Lately I’ve reviewed a ska album and now we’ve received an Indie Rock album by The Forecast. Now I’m a big fan of some bands within this scene with The Shins as being my absolute favorite band of all times but I can imagine someone wondering why we would review such records. In this case, The Forecast does have some really strong parts. However, the main focus of the band is to create some beautiful melodies that are easy to listen to.
And just to let it out; I think they succeeded very well. At first, I thought I was listening to a clone of The Magic Numbers, especially when hearing the intro (sounds like ‘Long Legs) but this band has really created a unique sound which is comparable to bands like Kashmir. The music is most of the time guided by full guitar chords instead of broken chord loops we’re used to in this scene. And on top of that, there is the duality between a male and a female which is incredible to listen to. This is introduced in the second song and already has reached its climax in ‘(May You One Day) Carry Me Home’. After that, the quality of the song decreases a little bit but the nice melodies are still like pearls glittering in the ocean.
The whole attitude may be a little bit too positive to describe on a metal e-zine and that’s where I’d like to introduce my critical points towards this album. Especially the female vocals sound a little bit too exaggerated and too much forced while the songs are sometimes too predictable. If you combine that with the fact that the sound is a bit too soft for metal fans, maybe you’d better pass this one.
But then again, if you do feel like Indie Rock has something to offer for you, and if you like bands in this genre that make records which are so nice to listen to, you can only allow that big smile on your face to come up, The Forecast is really something to consider. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and it doesn’t get boring.
It’s hard to review an album worse compared to your personal score which would be at least above 80 in this case. So, when giving this band a try, reconsider the things I just mentioned. I’m looking forward to see this band live, I’m absolutely sure it will be an amazing experience to hear the sensitive ‘Some Things Never Change’ and the already mentioned ‘(May You One Day) Carry Me Home’ and I’m sure I will smile, I won’t oppress that.
The Forecast - In The Shadows of Two Gunmen
71/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday May 30th, 2006
Indie Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Apr 27th, 2006

Tags: #The Forecast
Tracklisting 1. Everything We Want To Be
2. And We All Return To Our Roots
3. (May You One Day) Carry Me Home
4. One Hundred Percent
5. Some Things Never Change
6. In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen
7. A Fistfight For Our Fathers
8. Every Gun Makes Its Own Tomb
9. You\'re My Needle
10. West Coast
11. It\'s A Long Drive
12. Welcome Home
Line up Dustin Addis: guitars, vocals
Shannon Burns: bass, vocals
Matt Webb: guitars
Tony eck: drums