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Spiritus Mortis - Fallen
Again, I just picked an album which was totally unknown to me. Spiritus Mortis with Fallen to be exact. They were founded somewhere in 1987 and are based in Finland. The biography described exactly what is expected. They make music ever unheard of and more stuff like that. Let’s go to the most important thing, the music.
The disc starts with an intro that can be skipped, which you will eventually do. The music sounds very much like later Black Sabbath. The vocalist sounds a bit like Lee Dorrian of Cathedral, but has a very nice pressure behind it. The music is obvious doom metal, that has a nice and clean sound. The guitar sound is very warm, and the overal production is quite ok. This is especially heard in the song Leave Me. There is enough variation in songs, because the next track Divine Wind really breakes the barrier. It is now very obvious that they have listened well to Cathedral. Yes, I’m becoming to like this album quite a lot. The tempo is drastically reduced with the next track, but eventually has some nice breaks in it. Another nice track is Sleeping Beneath The Lawn, which has a very addictive riff that continues to shred.
Conclusion, there are many addictive tracks on this record. I could enjoy it and I think many people will agree with me. Look out for this one!
Spiritus Mortis - Fallen
79/1001Details Black Lotus Records
Released on Monday Mar 6th, 2006

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday May 8th, 2006

Tags: #Spiritus Mortis
Tracklisting 1: The Dawn
2: New Age
3: Leave Me
4: Divine Wind
5: Something Came And Killed
6: Beware Of The Quiet One
7: Sleeping Beneath The Lawn
8: All The Words Were Spoken
9: The Omen
10: All This In The Name Of Love
11: Wasteland
12: Goodbye
Line up Vocals - Vesa Lampa
Guitar - Jussi Maijala
Bass - Teemu Maijala
Drums - Jarkko Seppala
Guitar/Additional Keyboards - VP Rapo