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Buckcherry - 15
I remember a great rock song by Buckcherry with the chorus “Love And Cocaine”. Nice mainstream rock with a raw edge to it. It was my only reference to the band I had when I received their new cd ‘15’ for review.
And it is a hard album to review I can tell you. The material it contains is not my style at all. Smooth and pretty rock songs, with the exception of just three real great rock tracks. ‘So Far’, ‘Next To You’ and ‘Crazy Bitch’, which are all three fantastic ballsy songs that can best be compared to the sound of Velvet Revolver, the material lacks spunk.
What can I say objectively about the kind of song material that I detest? That it sounds okay? That it’s decent? Well, it sounds okay and it’s decent. There you go. If you buy this album you might as well listen to the three songs I mentioned earlier and skip the rest. On the other hand, why buy an album for just three tracks? On the other hand (if you have three hands, that is) you just might like rock ballads. I just don’t, and there for can not say anything about them. Bet your girlfriend will eat this cd alive though.
Buckcherry - 15
69/1001Details Eleven Seven Music
Released on Tuesday Apr 11th, 2006

Writer @Lex on Tuesday May 9th, 2006

Tags: #Buckcherry
Tracklisting 1. So Far (3:21)
2. Next To You (3:31)
3. Out Of Line (4:24)
4. Everything (4:25)
5. Carousel (4:34)
6. Sorry (3:48)
7. Crazy Bitch (3:25)
8. Onset (3:38)
9. Sunshine (4:15)
10. Brooklyn (4:02)
11. Broken Glass (3:33)
Line up Todd - Vocals
Keith Nelson - Guitar
Stevie D. - Guitar
Jimmy Ashhurst - Bass
Xavier Muriel - Drums