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Don Caballero - World Class Listening Problem
Don Caballero was formed in 1991 in Pittsburgh, United States. After a long period of silence, after the fourth release, it took the band five years to come up with their fifth ‘World Class Listening Problem.’ Because of this title, the band immediately got my interest so I decided to have an eye on the album.
Just to inform you; Don Caballero is a special band. They play instrumental Indie Rock songs in the style of Frank Zappa but with a somehow sharper guitar sound but with a big emphasis on the experimental part of songwriting. So, there are no lyrics. The other thing that got my interest was the very specific song titles like ‘Mmmmmm acting, I love some good acting’ and ‘I agree!....No!.....I disagree’. Now that’s interesting, having such obviously well worked-out song titles combined with only instrumental music.
But to be honest, it doesn’t work out that well. Although the title track of the album is pretty interesting with some refreshing and smashing up-tempo riffs and the whole album seems to be nice as well on the forehand, I get bored and annoyed after a few listening sessions. The songs seem to last forever and ever with many repetitive structures. The strange guitar loops, like the somehow solo on ‘World Class Listening Problem’ could have been nice if used only once or twice in the songs but they form the main structure of the individual songs. And that’s a pity.
It is actually pretty easy to have a comment on this disc. It is just not interesting; the songs have not been worked out well at all. And then things like a nice production, well chosen track list and the individual capabilities don’t count anymore. It makes reviewing a lot easier.
Don Caballero - World Class Listening Problem
40/1001Details Relapse
Released on Tuesday May 16th, 2006
Indie Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday May 10th, 2006

Tags: #Don Caballero
Tracklisting 1. Mmmmmm Acting, I Love Acting
2. Sure We Had Knives Around
3. And And And, He Lowered the Thin Down
4. I Agree.....No!.....I Disagree
5. Palm Trees in the Fecking Bahamas
6. World Class Listening Problem
7. Railroad Cancellation
8. Theme From Bricktop Clowns
9. Savage Composition
10. I\'m Goofballs for Bozzo Jazz
Line up Damon Che: Percussion
Gene Doyle: Guitar
Jason Jouver: Bass
Jeff Ellsworth: guitar