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Kalas - Kalas
Flop, flop, flop, sometimes it drives me crazy. It seems like musicians aren’t focusing on just one band anymore. Instead, side-projects seem to rise from under the ground in no-time. Kalas is one of those bands, although it likes to emphasize that the band is no side-project, having Matt Pike from High on Fire on vocals as the most familiar member to me.
The music, well well, the music. It’s a mixture of the raw sound of heavy metal and the slowness of doom. The band seems to take some time for the songs, considering the low tempo, but due to the heavy metal influences, the sense for melody is great which gives the music a really special sound. Imagine the very raw and typical vocals of Matt Pike and a very unique band is born.
At first sight I was really struggling with Kalas, the music was too slow and the production……well, let’s say I think the recordings were relatively cheap. It seemed as if the songs wouldn’t end at all and I thought about a low score after two times listening to the record. But overtime, I started to like the songs and I even praised the band for the raw production. A song like ‘Godpills’ with a, seemingly, easy guitar riff in the beginning is really nice for creating climaxes. At the end of the song, when the vocals go extremely wild, I’m glad I’ve took the time to really listen to the result.
Although I am thus surprised by the record, there is only one that really loved, namely ‘Mother’s Tears’. The pure sadness of the song and the almost emotional vocals like Tom Waits simply are a gift to listen to. It’s also the most accessible song so if you feel like listening to Kalas try that one.
This album, as I already mentioned, was a real surprise to me. At first sight I thought it was awful because of its slowness but after a few times I started to dig the characteristics of the band. It still is not that big of a revelation but sometimes it is not necessary to be overwhelmed and completely satisfied in order to have your day seeing succeed. 
Kalas - Kalas
74/1001Details TeePee Records
Released on Monday Apr 24th, 2006
Heavy metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday May 17th, 2006

Tags: #Kalas
Tracklisting 1. Monuments to Ruins
2. Frozen Sun
3. Godpills
4. Media Screws
5. Things Done and Undone
6. Mother\'s Tears
7. Pleasurable Prison
8. Due Time
9. Voyager
Line up Matt: vocals
Andy: guitar
Paul: guitar
Scott: drums
Brad: bass