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Celtic Frost - Monotheist
When this band started playing music, I was a toddler somewhere in my first year of existence. During 22 years they have had more shit with all kinds of problems that was good for them. Celtic Frost started out as a continuation on Hellhammer, which was probably the loudest band in that time. Some members found it necessary to start out with this and it’s certainly not bad! Many modern black metal bands are inspired by Celtic Frost, so I was really keen to hear Monotheïst, which is their new album. Finally, after a long pause Celtic Frost have created this album.
The album starts out with the banging opening song called 'Progeny', which sounds very interesting! Slow guitars, up tempo drums and a whole lot of headbanging. Too bad I’m listening to a promotional copy which has digital soundmarks imprinted on the disc, which means that around every 30 seconds there is a faint beep. At first, I thought these beeps were part of the music, because they sounded very cool when stoned! Luckily, they did not use spoken parts which mess up the total sound. When I’m sober, the beeps are quite irritating, but then, I don’t listen to this sober… No problem at all!

Alright, time for some dooooom with 'A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh', which is a very, VERY slow track with interesting sounds. The guitar sound is low, which brings up that ultimate feeling in the stomach. The music continues to bring me doom, which I especially like. The next song could have been easily the same song as before, but the agonising vocals make it totally different. Another good track for the stoners among us is 'Os Abysmi Vel Daath', which has the most dirty doom riff ever! The tempo of the album is quite slow, but sometimes they have some speed as well, like the 7th track 'Domain Of Decay' and the 8th track 'Ain Elohim'. This track I especially like, because of the ultimate combination of black metal with some sludgy doom. 

To give a small wrap-up, Celtic Frost have created an instant masterpiece. I certainly will listen to this shit quite often. The street date is somewhere next week, so I suggest to all doom fans to run to the shop around the 29th of May.
Celtic Frost - Monotheist
91/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Monday May 29th, 2006
Black/Doom Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday May 22nd, 2006

Tags: #Celtic Frost
Tracklisting 1. Progeny
2. Ground
3. A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
4. Drown In Ashes
5. Os Abysmi Vel Daath
6. Obscured
7. Domain Of Decay
8. Ain Elohim
9. Triptych I: Totengott
10. Triptych II: Synagoga Satanae
11. Triptych III: Winter (Requiem)
Line up Vocals/Guitar - Tom G. Warrior (Thomas Fischer)
Bass - Martin Erik Ain
Drums - Franco Sesa