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Kreator, Celtic Frost, Legion Of The Damned - Legends at work
Every thrash metal loving person must have been aroused by the line-up of this evening. Of course we had some reporters on the floor, being Carn, DemonDust and the chief of this bunch of merry metalheads; Buzzin Hornet himself, who of course was too lazy to add something to the review, hehe. So here we go for a night of thrashing action!
As we entered the venue we discovered that the time schedule on the site of 013 was wrong, because Watain had already finished. Too bad. Nonetheless, the thrashers of Legion Of The Damned were preparing to treat the audience on some brutal bashing heavy metal! The band played very tight, very loud and very convincing. From the beginning until the end some relentless thrashing was thrown in the direction of the crowd, and they actually got some people to move around in the front. The only idiotic thing about the show was that they have this one solo in a track. I mean if all your songs just rampage without any interruptions, why would you do one solo then? What do you want to prove with that. No matter it was a kick ass show and a great warm up. (DemonDust)

And after this warm-up, it was time for a cooling down with the slow black/doom/thrash of the cult legends Celtic Frost. Almost everything about this show was perfect, except for Tom Gabriel Fischer’s vocals. They didn’t sound powerful and convincing. Occasionally he had his good moments, but overall I was more impressed by the vocal capabilities of bassist Martin Eric Ain. Nevertheless the slow doom riffs and the brutal drum bashing pleased me more than I expected. The atmosphere was very cool throughout the show (and even before the show they played music in their style) and the light show definitely added something extra. Now I honestly can’t mention any tracks because I only recently own their last release Monotheïst, but I’m pretty sure there were some tracks of that and some of their old material. Cult legends were on stage here, and the final words ‘the frost bows to you’ said more than enough. I’m curious how they will sound on the festivals this coming summer! (DemonDust)
And again, the German fathers of thrash metal are playing in the 013. The last time I saw them was in february 2005; when they just released their Enemy of God album. Apparently the band thought another tour was in order because Enemy of God got a re-release. The stage looked really neat with big banners and a video screen showing weird footage during certain tracks, so there definitely was some money involved. Visual aesthetics aside, the sound wasn't that good, resulting into an often muddy experience. Kreator themselves performed like they always did: Excellent. But on the other hand, with 25 years of thrash metal experience under their belts, it's hard to expect anything else. The band ended with 2 classics; 'Flag of Hate' and 'Tormentor' while they projected old school Kreator images on the screen, a nice touch to a cool (beer, I love you!) but in the end slightly mediocre Kreator show. Bring on the new album! (Carn)

  • Violent Revolution
  • Pleasure To Kill
  • Some Pain Will Last
  • Enemy Of God
  • People Of The Lie
  • Europe After The Rain
  • Suicide Terrorist
  • Awakening Of The Gods/Behind the Mirror
  • Phobia
  • Betrayer
  • Voices Of The Dead
  • Reconquering The Throne
  • --Encores --
  • Impossible Brutality
  • Flag Of Hate
  • Tormentor