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Razorblade - Razorblade
Razorblade is a band with its roots lying in the Netherlands, which is reflecting in the lyrics, sometimes in English and sometimes in Dutch. Although some people have been confused about the differentiation with Razorlight, this band is way more raw, fast and less catchy, almost like a hardcore band. This second album is simply called ‘Razorblade’ with some lyrics on it explaining what the band is about. Let’s see if it’s something good.
Right from the start, there is no doubt about it, Razorblade has just entered my cd-player, playing a typical punk/hardcore riff with a lot of ‘all-together shouting’. However, after the second song, the sound of the band really starts to become clear; fast, with a lot of power chords and hasted vocals. I even heard a solo in this second song which is not that familiar with this kind of songs.
But while the record continues I have to say that the overall sound is very monotone without a lot of excitement during all of the songs. The structure is always the same, with the typical rhythms, except for ‘No.1 Hit Machine’ maybe. Also, the lyrics do not provide the needed variation. ‘Jan Modaal’ is named in a lot of the Dutch songs which makes me feel like the band did not have a lot of inspiration to write about. Combine this with the repetitive structures of the songs and I believe that this album is not the big hit Razorblade might have hoped.
So, the second Razorblade album does contain a lot of pure rawness and pure emotions, but it failed to stay interesting during the whole record. As a matter of a fact, I felt bored after four songs. I’m sure that there are still enough people who might be interested in the songs, but I just can not believe that the interest will stay at the same level throughout every melody. Therefore, the album is just not good enough.
Razorblade - Razorblade
47/1001Details Rebellion Records
Released on Friday Feb 17th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday May 29th, 2006

Tags: #Razorblade
Tracklisting 1. Put in the Boot
2. Razorblade
3. Having a Laugh
4. Freedom Fighters
5. T.V.G.
6. Hard Als Staal
7. No.1 Hit Machine
8. Trots&Vrij
9. Not Welcome
10. Carpe Diem

11. Zo Zijn Wij
Line up Wouter: guitar/vocals
Olivier: guitar
Joost: bass
Stijn: drums