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Relapsed - Into A Former State
Relapsed is a band that saw the first rays of daylight due to some changes in previous bands. In this case, Caught in the Act and Guild of Ages were the two bands of which some members decided to carry on. Back in 2004, the final band member joined in, allowing Relapsed to hit both the studios and the road to conquer their world of heavy music.
So it seems like we’re dealing with a group of experienced musicians. When listening not that closely to the record, I have to say that there sure is a lot of quality in the songs. The sound goes back to the early days of rock & roll (think of Def Leppard) so there are a lot of recognizable melodies in the choruses and some groovy guitar riffs. Especially the fourth song ‘Broken’ has got a killer riff and chorus.
But the choice for this classic sound makes you realize that it is actually nothing new. The changes through the separate songs are sometimes just bad and strange and singer Danny Martinez seems like he is searching for the right range in some of the songs. As a result of that, songs like ‘The Other Side’ seem kind of dull, not to mention the misstep of the decade in the form of a Queen cover ‘I Want It All’, it really attributes nothing.
It may be a harsh thing to say, but Relapse is what we call in Dutch ‘the thirteenth in a dozen’. Despite some nice guitar riffs, the quality of the individuals and the nice production, Into A Former State has become something no single band wants to be; a put-aside album that will get to one of the lowest positions of the pile.
Relapsed - Into A Former State
58/1001Details MTM Music
Released on Friday May 19th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday May 29th, 2006

Tags: #Relapsed
Tracklisting 1. Welcome To My Life
2. End Of The Line
3. Undone
4. Broken
5. The Other Side
6. Mercy Pays The Debt
7. All In All
8. Generation
9. I Want It All
10. Alex
11. Everyday
12. Somewhere We Belong
Line up Danny Martinez: lead vocals, guitar
Brian Mesa: lead guitar, vocals
Joe Marone: bass
Rob Marone: drums