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Inner Wish - Inner Strength
Sometimes intellectuals find it hard to be themselves which results in complaining. Nothing is good, the food is too salty, the light is too dark (or too bright) and my god, the writer of this book is awful. The best cure for these happenings is to give them something general. Or actually something with the quality just above general. Just show them a long lasting European movie like ‘La Vita E Bella’ and everything will work out in the end. That is actually the feeling I had when listening to Inner Wish.
Power-metal huh? Yup. And even more than that. Just like a lot of bands in this genre, you shouldn’t look for the real excitement or the upper original level of creativity, simply because the themes have already been chosen a long time ago. Therefore, for some people the second record by Inner Wish will sound as a cliché but I’d say that it’s a little unfair. Sure, the power chords, high male vocals, double bass drumming and a lot of recognizable melodies, especially during the choruses, do not really differ from others but the intensity on Inner Strength is worth checking out.
First of all, the album sounds almost like a concept album, the tension and the sphere is changed in a very pleasant way, with the faster songs in the beginning while the middle is accentuated with signs of relief (though remaining powerful) by slowing down a bit. Listen to the killer song ‘Feel The Magic’, see for yourself that also the individual songwriting is original and although as a whole, the songwriting could have been improved, Inner Strength is a perfect record for any fan in the genre who just want to relax for a while with an album that is great to listen to, without the need to listen very hard to it.
Singer Alexandropoulos proves that he is a really good singer without the squeezed notes you sometimes get bothered by. The album shows enough variation to be interesting all the time, even the last song (8:42) which sounds a bit like an Arabian track has enough quality in it to be worth checking out more than once. Inner Wish may not be the best band in the scene, therefore the sound isn’t that exciting (yet) and the individual songs may be a bit more powerful with stronger choruses. But on the other hand, there are very few bands that can create this amount of decent songs, with a few absolute highlights every now and than.
Inner Wish - Inner Strength
79/1001Details Limb Records
Released on Friday May 26th, 2006
Power Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Jun 1st, 2006

Tags: #Inner Wish
Tracklisting 1. Trivial
2. Travellers in Time
3. Far Away
4. Lonely Lady
5. Bleeding Soul
6. Feel the Magic
7. Eye of the Storm
8. Final Prophecy
9. Never Let You Down
10. Dreamer of the Night
11. Inner Stength
12. Gates of Fire

Line up Babis Alexandropoulos: Vocals
Thimios Krikos: Guitar
Manolis Tsigos: Guitar
Antonis Mazarakis: Bass
Terry Moros: Drums