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David&The Citizens - Are you in My Blood?
It’s 1999 as we get introduced by singer songwriter David and his citizens. And wow, how the 4 and 5-track ep’s grow out of the ground in no-time, as well as the full-length albums. Any time for gigs then? Yes, there is, mainly in the Scandinavian countries by the way, but David & The Citizens sure know how to promote their work. Now, ‘Are You in My Blood?’ has been released, while the band is ready to hit it to the rest of Europe.
David is a songwriter pur sang, with a lot of easy melodies that will be recognizable for anyone who is into the Britpop from bands like Oasis (but a little less melancholic and happier) or The Sheer (but a little more mellow). That means, when you’d be passing by a stage where this band is performing, you’d probably wonder whether you have heard this band before.
The opening song is pretty much what I described above. David himself has got a soft voice and the acoustic guitar is one of the most important instruments. The tempo is pretty much ok with a little more speed in the chorus. Then, ‘48h (Version)’ is a really nice song with a great female backing vocals and a good structure to be a potential chart-hitter. ‘Mona’ has got a different structure, more staccato guitar playing, making clear that we could expect anything that sounds like Britpop.
The songs all sound pretty nice but considering the huge amount of bands in this scene today, David & The Citizens do not manage to make me really enthusiastic. Therefore, the material on the disk is too much recognizable and the disk is too short. However, one might think different about that on a very sunny day, lying on a carpet with a cold glass of orange juice in my hand. Consider that. 
David&The Citizens - Are you in My Blood?
68/1001Details Bad Taste Records
Released on Thursday May 4th, 2006
Indie Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Jun 6th, 2006

Tags: #David&The Citizens
Tracklisting 1. Are you in My Blood?
2. Absent Mind
3. 48h (Version)
4. Mona
5. Sometimes Forever
Line up Alexander Madsen: Electric-guitar
Conny Fridh: Bass
David Fridlund: Vocals, piano, acoustic-guitar
Magnus Bjerkert: Trumpet, melodica, organ...
Mikael Carlsson: Drums