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Nights Like These - The Faithless
Nights Like These is a Tennessee based technical metalcore band that compares themselves as a mix of Mastodon, The Red Chord, Darkest Hour, Between The Buried And Me and Converge. If you ask me that’s a lot of bands to compare your self to, so I’m very curious to hear what their latest album has to offer. The Faithless is the debut album of Nights Like These. Nights Like These Resides on the well-known Victory Records label which picked them up in the early days of 2006.
Starting with ‘Storming Valhalla’, Nights Like These immediately eliminates the thought that they’re just another metalcore band. The songs starts with a typical Meshuggah riff and tight drumming. The second song ‘Head of Medusa’ starts a bit like the previous one but the song completely changes after a minute which basically gives you two songs in one.
The Faithless continues with ‘Destroy The Stairs’ and ‘Scavengers Daughter’ which are similar to the previous songs. Which is also a bit the problem of Nights Like These. The songs are mostly quite the same. Which give you the impression you’ve heard it before.
When you look at the playing time of the songs you’ll see that most of the songs doesn’t come above two or three minutes. Except ‘Ghost Town Rituals’ which is also one of the greatest songs of the album. On the contrary to other songs this has a nice build up to the end of the song and has a good song structure which makes it very easy to listen.
From the first tones of The Faithless it’s obvious that Nights Like These aren’t just another technical metalcore band. They know how to combine technical riffs with brutal metalcore screams and complex drumming. It’s also obvious they listen carefully to numerous of bands that have their own identity, influences of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah and Mastodon can be heard in the album.
Overall it isn’t a bad record but I believe Nights Like These has to work a bit more on their own sound and gives the songs more structure. But if you take in consideration the average age is around 21 they did a good job with their debut album The Faithless.
Nights Like These - The Faithless
83/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 13th, 2006
Technical Metalcore

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jun 26th, 2006

Tags: #Nights Like These
Tracklisting 1. Storming Valhalla (2:04)
2. Head Of Medusa (2:51)
3. Destroy The Stairs (1:32)
4. Scavenger\'s Daughter (3:10)
5. Memento Mori (1:21)
6. Ghost Town Rituals (5:06)
7. Symphny For The Plague (1:16)
8. Bury The Messenger (1:52)
9. We Were Meant For Ruin (2:02)
10. Eternal Tempest (2:21)
11. Let The Waters Overtake Us (3:06)
Line up Billy Bottom - Vocals
Matt Qualls - Guitar
Derren Saucier - Guitar
Sebastion Rios - Bass
Patrick Leatherwood - Drums