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Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom
Every reviewer from Metalrage knows that I’m a huge Mike Patton fan. When you’ve heard most of the musical styles there are today, you want something you haven’t heard before, something that surprises you and makes you laugh, like Mr. Bungle and Fantômas can do. Now mister Patton is also very much into small projects, like this Peeping Tom, named after an old horror movie. Let’s see what he brings us this time.
First of all you must know that this project has been in the making for a very long time now, but Patton never found the time to actually work it out, record it and release it. He wrote all the music for it, and invited a lot of friends and guest musicians/singers to add something to his tracks. This involves celebrities from Rahzel and Norah Jones to Dan The Automator, Kool Keith and Massive Attack. That’s right, beatboxing, jazz vocals, DJ spinning, rapping, and a whole lot of electronic noises, nothing is too mad for this record.
But the real trick behind the Peeping Tom project is that Patton created songs that are closer to Faith No More’s work than he has ever done before. The album is filled with very good, modern pop-tracks, but still, to describe them all individually would take me about three pages. My personal favourites are ‘Mojo’, that involves a mysterious but funky Rahzel beatbox, ‘Sucker’, in which Patton convinced Norah Jones to sing the word ‘motherfucker’ and ‘We’re Not Alone (Remix)’ which features Dub Trio and has some really weird eruptions in it. And one of the fun facts is that Patton never met some of the guest artists on the album, like Kool Keith and Norah Jones. He just sent the tracks over and waited for the result.
And did I mention that it again, like all Ipecac Recordings releases, it has a marvellous sleeve? It’s yellow with a keyhole in it which shows the silhouette of a naked lady in it, and you can pull on the right side to make the lady make place for a peeping eye and to let the disc come out on the other side. See it to believe it.
Now this is in Patton standards very easily digestible and it could even appeal to fans of pop music, because that's what the core of this album is. Laidback experimental pop, created, recorded, mixed and produced by a mastermind in music, my personal god, Mike Patton.
Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom
98/1001Details Ipecac Recordings
Released on Tuesday May 30th, 2006
experimental pop

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jun 29th, 2006

Tags: #Peeping Tom
Tracklisting 1. Five Seconds (feat. Odd Nosdam)
2. Mojo (feat. Rahzel & Dan The Automator)
3. Don’t Even Trip (feat. Amon Tobin)
4. Getaway (feat. Kool Keith)
5. Your Neighbourhood Spaceman (feat. Jel & Odd Nosdam)
6. Kill The DJ (feat Massive Attack)
7. Caipirinha (feat. Bebel Gilberto)
8. Celebrity Deathmatch (feat. Kid Koala)
9. How U Feelin? (feat. Doseone)
10. Sucker (feat. Norah Jones)
11. We’re Not Alone (Remix) (feat. Dub Trio)
Line up On most tracks Mike Patton handles most of the instruments, but the line-up varies on each song, so just fucking buy it if you really want to know.