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Peeping Tom, Dub Trio - Poprock at its highest
This was a very special day for me. Peeping Tom for the second time, only in a club this time, with Dub Trio opening up for them. Luckily it was moved one day so I could visit Tool and Mastodon the day before. I only hoped that Peeping Tom could surpass that excellent performance of the day before…
Dub Trio have created a sort of dub version of what bands like Dysrhythmia and Don Caballero do, and I freaking love it! They combine spacey dub parts with rock riffs, while playing some rhythmic tricks here and there. They played an excellent and tight show that got the crowd moving/dancing and warmed up terrifically. Luckily they played my favourite track ‘Cool Out And Coexist’ of their last album New Heavy, and some of the other more rock-orientated songs. I was very impressed by their powerful performance, which they continued with Peeping Tom some time later.
I was very excited to see Peeping Tom again, especially after I’d seen them do their very first show ever at the Dour Festival this summer. Back then they played a flawless show on a nice and sunny day, but I wondered if it wouldn’t be even better in a venue. I was right! The sound started out a bit blurry, but soon moved up near perfection, enabling the crowd to hear every detail in the music. Mike Patton sang everything excellent from the bottom of his lungs with a big smile on his face, while also managing some comic interaction between songs. Something he usually never does with his other obscure projects that I love.
They again played the entire album and two tracks I still don’t have. I should scourge the internet some time soon for those I suppose. I was amazed by the musicians ability to really bring the songs as a unity, although most of them are only featured on certain tracks, or not even on the album at all. The only thing that I liked better the previous time was the DJ, this was a different guy who had a less interesting solo part to display. On the other hand, legendary beatboxer/human I-Pod Rahzel sounded fucking incredible! It was my fifth encounter with this goliath, and he proved himself again. Contrary to last time, he also got a solo part in which he made my jaw drop once more. He actually did Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexyback’, progressing towards his already famous to me ‘Seven Nation Army’ from The White Stripes. God I love that big black dude!
Furthermore we had female vocalist Imani Coppola who did a magnificent job at backing and lead vocals, Dub Trio giving their second killer performance of the evening, and a cool keyboard player that I hadn’t seen before like the DJ. This team of by Mike Patton chosen artist treated the crowd on one of this year’s best shows, and when they came back with their version of Billy Womack’s ‘Across 110th Street’ as an encore this evening couldn’t have been better. Pop/rock music, in its most delicate, sophisticated and refined form ever.