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New York Dolls - One Day it will Please us to Remember Even This
Miracles still occur these days. Not in the big way our Savior has done some two thousands years ago, but it still happens. After thirty-two years, New York Dolls decided to come together again, make a new album and perform live on stage. The band of which Morrissey once said that “Mick Jagger stole everything from David Johansen” comes with the killer ‘One Day it will Please us to Remember Even This’
It might be obvious for you that since I’m only 22 years old, I have not witnessed the breakthrough of this band at the specific point of time in music history. 1974! Man, how does a band find the courage and the inspiration to come together again after such a long period? Isn’t such a comeback doomed to fail?
Well, as far as I’m concerned it can be seen as a success. The music lies in the tradition of pure rock with a little sauce of glam rock and country intertwined in it, with the most important goal obviously having fun. Opener We’re all in Love builds up the tension with a raw singing David Johansen and a lot of ‘all rights.’ And afterwards the rock & roll sets in like we’re familiar with as in bands like Nashville Pussy but a little bit happier and slower, maybe even like Guns & Roses.
Yet, the sense for melodies is the basic component for all of the songs, whereas we’re talking about the pure rock songs like Running Around (with the catchy backing vocals) and Punishing World (a little faster) or ballads like Maimed Happiness which has the nice smoothly slowness. Within this genre, ‘One Day it will Please us to Remember Even This’ is a complete album with a little bit of everything you look for.
Name it nostalgia, a weakness for the story of the band or just the appreciation of the music, but I like this album filled with classic rock. Sure the band will sound a little older than before but that was such a long time ago, we don’t need to refer to that. Because even in this time, this album will have enough fundamentally based tunes to please the old-school rock fans. And that’s a hard target group to please.
New York Dolls - One Day it will Please us to Remember Even This
80/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 25th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Jul 13th, 2006

Tags: #New York Dolls
Tracklisting 1. We\'re all in Love
2. Runnin\' Around
3. PLenty of Music
4. Dance Like a Monkey
5. Punishing World
6. Maimed Happiness
7. Fishnets and Cigarettes
8. Gotta get Away from Tommy
9. Dnacing on the Lip of a Volcano
10. I Ain\'t got Nothin\'
11. Rainbow Store
12. Gimme Luv and Turn on the Light
13. Take a Good Look at my Good Looks
Line up David Johansen: vocals
Sylvain Sylvain: guitar
Sami Yaffa: bass
Steve Conte: guitar
Brian Koonin: keyboards
Brian Delaney: drums