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Grave - As Rapture Comes
I first saw Sweden’s Grave as a part of The Domination Tour earlier this year, and I was quite impressed. This band has been releasing albums since 1991, and now they unleash their newest collection of grooving morbid death metal upon us. And it rocks like hell on earth!
First of all, for all you Grave fans out there, if you own the previous material just buy it blindly. It isn’t different from anything they’ve done, it still grooves, thrashes and blasts your brain out. That being said, I’ll add that any fan of grooving death metal can do the same.
About the music then. As Rapture Comes is a brilliant disc filled with the finest in grooving, blasting, pounding and most of all headbang-worthy death metal. Add a very good crunching production and you’ve got yourself a great Swedish death metal release to add to your collection. Of course, me being a bass player, I really dig the rattling grinding sound of the bass, it tickles by balls just hearing that thing. With this release they’ve also made use of their old bass player Jonas Torndal as a second guitar player whom wasn’t present when I saw them, so they be able to deliver these new tracks on the world with even more energy and aggression.  I hope.
Something that surprised me is their cover of the Alice In Chains track ‘Them Bones’. I really like the original of that track and they’ve made it so brutal yet still grooving that I now can bang my head of to it. You can conclude that fast double bass patterns is something that suits Alice In Chains very well when you consider it. A great cover that I will play for a long time probably.
Death metal heads buy this stuff!!!
Grave - As Rapture Comes
80/1001Details Century Media
Released on Monday Jul 24th, 2006
death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Jul 29th, 2006

Tags: #Grave
Tracklisting 1. Intro - Day Of Reckoning (0:49)
2. Burn (6:24)
3. Through Eternity (3:45)
4. By Demons Bred (4:16)
5. Living The Dead Behind (6:26)
6. Unholy Terror (3:44)
7. Battle Of Eden (3:38)
8. Epic Obliteration (4:02)
9. Them Bones (2:32)
10. As Rapture Comes (5:34)
Line up Pelle Ekegren - drums
Jonas Torndal - guitar
Ola Lindgren - guitar & vocals
Fredrik Isaksson - bass
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