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Herod - Rich man's war, poor man's fight
Heavy metallers Herod released their debut in 2002 which followed the signing on Lifeforce and their second full length For Whom the Gods Would Destroy in 2004. Now it’s time for their second CD on Lifeforce and although I’m not an absolute heavy metal fan this CD attracted me very much. Read on to get to know why!
The CD kicks of with an awesome fast tab solo in opening song ‘Assimilation’. Jason Russo jumps in with not too surprising, though fantastic high heavy metal singing. At some parts he really reaches stunning heights, almost to get tired of, but fortunately it alternates with his lower, rawer singing. This takes care that the CD keeps sounding interesting throughout the entire playing time.
The next track, ‘All Night’, has a lesser heavy metal feeling and it even makes me think of some grunge bands of the nineties and the guitar riff in ‘One Life to Burn’ makes the time of Skid Row come back to life. Power metal as Dragon Force can be heard in ‘Lies and Betrayal’, but let’s be clear: Herod is a heavy metal band, though with many other influences spin through it. That is what makes this CD so much fun to listen to.
Herod let us hear with their third CD that they are all great musicians who manage to make a excellent heavy metal CD that stays interesting thanks to the remarkable influences, which maybe not everybody will appreciate.  
Herod - Rich man's war, poor man's fight
83/1001Details Lifeforce
Released on Monday Apr 24th, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday Jul 30th, 2006

Tags: #Herod
Tracklisting 1. 3:03 assimilation
2. 4:32 all night
3. 2:53 one life to burn
4. 4:24 lies and betrayal
5. 2:57 the fire
6. 4:13 broken promises
7. 3:36 forever
8. 5:29 the ring
9. 3:34 grand design
10. 5:15 journey of creation
Line up Mike Jeffers – Drums
Jesse Benker – Lead Guitar
Greg DiPasquate – Lead Guitar
Jason Russo – Vocals
Matt Backlas - Bass