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Deadsoil - Sacrifice
After seeing Deadsoil opening up for Illdisposed a few months ago I wasn’t to enthusiastic about them, because it sounded to me as the hundredth metalcore band from Germany like Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn. However, I decided to give them a second chance and listen to their new CD. I’m glad I did.
First of all I have to say that singer Friedrich Weber has a great aggressive voice without falling into pointless monotonous screaming; he makes good use of dynamics. In opening track ‘Unspoken’ he proves that he can also sing clean very well without spoiling the power of the song. A problem with a lot of metalcore bands is that the transitions to softer parts are too abrupt and it makes the song not sound sincere anymore. Deadsoil managed to overcome this problem.
Not only is the singing a good combination of aggressiveness and softer parts, also the rest of the band copes very well with this. The drums lay a good heavy foundation which a lot of times keeps the double bass rattling without getting annoying; in ‘Cross the Great Divide’ it is like a pure adrenaline injection. This while in almost every song a beautiful solos passes by as in ‘Ultimate Domination’, which are pretty short but just enough to get a nice breath to get back into the destroying power of the songs.
This second CD of Deadsoil will definitely be loved by many metalcore fans but also when you’re not really into this genre it is worth checking out because they’re more than a regular metalcore band. It will surprise you.
Deadsoil - Sacrifice
85/1001Details Lifeforce
Released on Monday May 29th, 2006

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday Jul 30th, 2006

Tags: #Deadsoil
Tracklisting 1. 4:12 Unspoken
2. 4:35 Cross The Great Divide
3. 4:39 The Day I Die
4. 3:27 These Stings
5. 4:23 Viper
6. 2:53 Forget Everything
7. 4:14 Echoes
8. 1:17 Remembrance
9. 3:27 Collapse
10. 3:31 Ultimate Domination
11. 2:53 True Belief
12. 2:36 Sacrificed
Line up Boris Pracht - Guitar
Jens Basten - Guitar
Friedrich Weber - Vocals
Christian Bass - Drums
Andreas Schuessler - Bass