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Calamus - The Same Old Demons
It was in 1995 in Heidelberg, Germany, when four friends decided they were going to make some serious heavy rock. Heavy rock in the vein of Black Sabbath and Kyuss, but with more new elements in the music. After quite some releases on different labels and several tours in Europe and America they now give us The Same Old Demons by the same old Germans.
Well, Black Sabbath is all over Calamus if you ask me. I hear the rock, I hear the ballads of the later era, and most of all I hear the stoner feel. As I saw the characters in which the tracktitles were written I almost felt like I had a Southern Lord release in front of me. But sadly we do not receive any promo material from them.
There is a lot of variation on this disc, and that does make me pay attention throughout the disc. The sound is thick and heavy, even a bit sleazy and perhaps even unwieldy at moments. The acoustic parts usually make sense, when placed in a Sabbath-esque track, but they also try to manage a ballad entitled (how original) ‘Sunshine’ and that track is just not done for me.
The biggest irritating factor on this disc are the vocals. This guy is mixed too loud in, I even have the feeling that the vocals occasionally clip, and that’s a big no no. Besides that he doesn’t have a great intonation in my opinion. To me its very apparent that this guy is German. Not that I dislike Germans, I dislike the language though, and accents as well. Its definitely not cool like Max Cavalera’s jungle-fever-English.
Besides those two aspects I can really enjoy the music. I hear their talent for indeed blending the old heavy rock with the newer stuff, and they also are very good at the songwriting process itself. I guess all of stoner-loving (and Black Sabbath-oldies with leather jackets and big Harleys with naked wrinkly bitches on ‘em ) Germany can go nuts over this, but please try to do something about your voice, and mainly the accent.
Calamus - The Same Old Demons
69/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Saturday Jul 1st, 2006
heavy rock

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jul 31st, 2006

Tags: #Calamus
Tracklisting 1. Ride The Night
2. Once More
3. Make You Cry
4. Who\'s Gonna Lie To Me
5. Speed Queen
6. All Fear
7. Six Feet Down
8. Sunshine
9. Devils Run
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