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Putrescence - Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer
Putrescence is unknown to me. I believe I have seen this band once somewhere, but I can’t recall where and when. They are from Canada, and to be honest, I really like that because Canadians and death metal have something in common with extreme fast drumming and playing style. Well, Putrescence have delivered an album called “Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer”, so I’m expecting a lot of brutal noise here.
Starting out with ‘Set A Fire In A Locked Cage’ I instantly hear that this is the music for my ears. Fast, brutal, immense chopping and churning commences from the start. I really enjoy bands that follow the no nonsense approach, which means the not too long introductions and the instant blast. Well, I’m not disappointed with this band, because they continue to blast during the whole record. I must confess that the blasting and speed isn’t the sickest I have ever heard, but the riffs are easy to follow and sound very nice. The production is perfect, not too smooth, but still good enough the hear differences. The most funny part about these bands are the titles, so people can enjoy tracks like ‘Vomiting Partially Digested Brain Matter Into A Rectum’, ‘Asphyxia From Involuntary Submersion In Human Waste’ and of course the megahit ‘Phlegm Fatale’, which happens to be my favourite track because of the slow Bile-like riffs and the grinding bass guitar.
Well, I have listened to this album a couple of times and I believe I will listen to it a lot more in the future. I enjoyed it, although it doesn’t add something special to your collection. It just sounds very brutal, but I think not everyone who is into this kind of music will enjoy it that much. This band certainly have created a more than avarage album, but there are a lot more brutal acts out there that sound the same.
Putrescence - Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer
82/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Thursday Jun 1st, 2006

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Aug 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Putrescence
Tracklisting 1: Set Afire In A Locked Cage
2: Detrunked Wizard part 2
3: Scooped Out Eyeballs
4: Excreted Decapitated
5: Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer
6: Asphyxia From Involuntary Submersion In Human Waste
7: Phlegm Fatale
8: Vomiting Partially Digested Brain Matter Into A Rectum
9: Irriversible Fatal Cerebral Damage
10: The Eyes Of A Strangler
11: Total Liquifaction Of Charred Facial Features
12: They Start The War (Impulse Manslaughter cover)
13: Explosion Of Intestinal Cavity
Line up Vocals - Soiled Depends (Mike)
Guitars - Grimmgore (Jean-Louis Wittinger)
Bass - Necromagnon (Shaun Thomas)
Drums - Dark Lord Skullbong (Corey Thomas)