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Walls of Jericho - Talking with Candence and Chris
At the Eastpack Resistance Tour, Roadrunner Records asked me to interview their band Walls of Jericho. Of course I said yes and here is what Candence and Chris had to tell me.
  1. On your latest effort you are bringing more of your personal life into the lyrics.
Well, before our break-up I was 19 or 20 years old, at the most. Back then I was talking about people in my personal life. No Bullshit and background, just being pissed off at the world and the stuff what is happening in this world. On All Hail to Dead� I’m bringing more of my personal life into the lyrics. There are also some songs with 'pissed off world' lyrics on the album but most of them are more personal.

Isn’t that intense?
It sure is, but on the other hand: it does feel better.
  1. In 2001 you lost your drummer, can you describe the process to find a new suitable drummer?
Well, after the break-up we were looking around for a new drummer and there were a few candidates. But we wanted a person who connected with us musically and personally and we already knew Alexei and he was the right man for the job. We asked him and he said yes. So that is the main process.
  1. Trustkill is a very Metalcore and Hardcore oriented label and they have a contract with Roadrunner Records over here and this one is more of an Metal oriented label. What is your experience so far?
Well, they are doing their job and they are doing it in the right way. But this is actually the first encounter with them.

And what about the Midsummer Hardcore Event?
Back then we didn’t have our album released, so there was no promotion. But to get back on the question, Roadrunner is a Metal oriented label but the knowledge is huge and they can use this in different genres. I have to say we are lucky to be working with them.
  1. Metalcore is becoming a big thing on stages worldwide. What is your share in that?
Actually, we hate the term 'Metalcore'. We should start a poll on our website what we should call our music. But the term is just a synonym for nu-metal.

But when you compare two different Nu-Metal bands you can have two completely different bands.
Yeah, and it is the same with Metalcore. There are Metal bands with Hardcore influences and Hardcore bands with Metal influences. But they are both Metalcore. To be honest, I think every metal or hardcore band is being influenced by other genres.
But the fact this kind of music is getting big and it is great for bands like ours, we get the chance to play around the world, release our CD everywhere and we can live from our hobby. And that is just great. We love to see other bands doing their thing and being able to live from the thing they do.
  1. Last year you had a contest with a 'in-house' concert. Tell us what kind of an experience that was.

Yeah, I saw that you were playing in some dude's house...
Oh that, yeah. That was amazing. We were playing in England and we were staying over for the night at a friend's house. And he asked us if we wanted to play. We said yes, spread the word over the internet and had a blast of a show.

Will you ever do something like that again?
If we will get the chance we sure will!
  1. The crowd seems to love the performance you give them on the stage, what is your secret behind this show?
There is no secret, we just do what we like on the stage. I dance around, doing what I love and shaking my ass. And the people seem to like it.

So there are no special preparations?
No huddle up or something. We are just doing our thing.
  1. In an interview you say that a style which gets big is good for bands playing that genre. Of course you can reach more people, but don’t you think die hard fans will move on because of the popularity it brings?
Well, the die-hard fans will always support the band of course.

Ok, and what about the 'hype' fans?
They make us do our thing, and if they don’t want to listen to us anymore it is their decision. But I am actually not spending any time on that, because on this very moment we can do what we want and it is great.
  1. You are playing with 7 other bands today, for which one would you kill to see them on stage and why?
I always try to see the Bones and 7 Seconds. Besides that we try to do our promotional stuff before the shows, in that way we can watch what we want.

Where are you watching the show?
Most of the time from backstage because it is the place where we can really see the band. I like to stand in the audience but everybody wants to talk to you. Great, but because of that I will miss the bands.
  1. You don’t often see a female singer in a hardcore or metal band. You seem to manage pretty good, but isn’t it hard to be surrounded by loads of men?
We are just like the other bands, only I am a female. Everybody keeps asking me that question but for me, it is normal.

But isn’t it hard to live in a world full of men?
Haha, no... I can live with that.

And what about you, Chris?
Well, I have so many jokes right now!!!

Well, it is fun three weeks a month!

Candence: And it is fun one time a month for me, haha, finally some rest. But this variation is great, you are the first one who asks another band member what it is like to play with a girl!
  1. You did quite a few festivals this year: care to share your experiences with us?
Well, the best thing was of course Hellfest. That was just amazing, but the other festivals are great too. We are getting more opportunities and we try to play on as many as we can. The festivals are great to get your band out in the open.
  1. What is your final goal you want to reach with this band?
There are personal things I want to reach, but with the band I just want to play, haha. That is all. Nothing special, just want to play.
  1. Thanks for the interview and like you always say, mosh on!
Hey, that is my sentence! But thank you!
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #Walls of Jericho
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