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Walls of Jericho - All Hail the Dead
I saw Walls of Jericho for the first time in Brussels at the last show of the Eastpak Resistance Tour. I was very impressed with both their live performance and their show. And somehow Candice (the female singer of the band) also gets the hormones pumping. Females singing hardcore tunes is always nice to see.
Anyway this record has been on the market for a while, so I thought I’d pick it up.
When I first put this record in, I was very disappointed. This nice studio record is a lot different from the live performances. Ok, so the voice is even more brutal.
I like it that when she isn’t able to finish a sentence on that one breath, she resorts to a cleaner voice.
Ok, so it’s polished a bit. Guess I like it raw! Doesn’t make it a bad record. In fact, this is a good record. It is very versatile, from the disturbed instrumental outro: “To be continued” to the Pennywise enhanced Whoa-song: “Revival never goes out of style”. We have little groovy parts and we have our fast-paced double-bass drums to get things fucked up.
They got a lot of cool riffs and they use their two guitar players optimally.
One other thing I dislike: a lot of songs have freaky backings. It sounds like an 8 year old girl nagging at a very irritating pitch to get something you don’t even have.
Does this affect the record? In fact, I think it does. Without the strange backings it would be a lot closer to a live show, because Candice can’t do the clean and the scream at once. (Although women seem to be always alert to mention they can do two things at once, unlike guys..)
Anyway, I think the record is less accessible with these backings, but also gives a little macabre feeling to the record.
It’s just less pure. Less hardcore?
  1. All Hail the Dead
  2. There is no I in fuck you
  3. a Little piece of me
  4. Another Anthem for the Hopeless
  5. Revival never goes out of style
  6. Day and a thousand Years
  7. Through the eyes of a dreamer
  8. 1:43 AM
  9. Jaded
  10. Thanks for the memories
  11. More life in the monitors
  12. Fixing broken hearts
  13. To be continued…
Walls of Jericho - All Hail the Dead
74/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Monday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Spoerie on Tuesday Dec 14th, 2004

Tags: #Walls of Jericho
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