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Sick Of It All, Ignite, Walls of Jericho, Ryker's, Turnstile, All For Nothing, Broken Teeth - One of the best editions of the EMP Persistence Tour
 The EMP Persistence Tour arrived in The Netherlands again. This time not in Tilburg, and even worse: not on a Sunday, but on a Monday. The Ronda in Tivoli Vredenburg wasn’t even halfway filled and it took a while before the floor was crowded enough. The package was as awesome as ever because Broken Teeth, All For Nothing, Turnstile, Ryker’s, Walls Of Jericho, Ignite and Sick Of It All were playing together.

When I finally managed to get through the big queue in front of the box office, I could only see the last song by Broken Teeth. It showed some perspective and the first moshers were already there, but I didn’t see them long enough to review them more extensively.

Then it was time for All For Nothing, the only Dutch band in this tour. I’ve seen them quite a few times before, mostly as a support act for either Sick of It All or Walls Of Jericho. The band gave it all, but the crowd wasn’t warmed up enough on this Monday afternoon and barely moved. Although the band gave it all, they weren’t as good as I’m used to. It could have been the lack of energy in the crowd or the choice of songs, but it felt like a small let-down for me. Nevertheless, I will definitely check them out next time.

Up next was Turnstile, a band I wasn’t very familiar with. I had heard a lot about their performance at Groezrock last year and from the very first note the floor was filled with hardcore dancers and people singing along in the microphone. These guys aren’t very old, but they showed they already have enough experience to put on a very good, energetic show, while playing very tight. Many people were impressed by their bass player, for example. He seemed laid back and wore an outfit that would be better suited for a hip-hop artist. However, he played like a beast, jumped around and was super dope. This band is heavily influenced by New York Hardcore and has a lot of potential. An amazing band that will come back later this year, like they said. Keep an eye out for them!

After their reunion show in 2013 it was easy to say: Ryker’s is back. This band was the German counterpart of the American hardcore. This band has been performing for years and they showed that they have a lot of experience. The lead vocalist stepped down from the stage for two songs to feel the energy better. Sadly, there wasn’t a superb amount of energy, which was probably a let-down to them after two shows in Germany, where they are labelled legends. It was superb to see a band like this and they have definitely earned their spot on the bill.

Back to America for the rest of the evening. Walls Of Jericho was the first band of the last three. The band decided to play a mix from all their records and a new song. This meant that they played songs like “Playing Soldier Again”, “All Hail The Dead”, “The American Dream” and “A Trigger Full Of Promises”. There still wasn’t that much movement compared to the last band, but the people that were moving were having a very good time. It made sense, this band played very tight once again and the mix of old and new songs made it a good show for almost everyone. It was one of the better performances I’ve seen by this band and that’s good, because that suits a huge tour like this.

Next up was Ignite. This band mostly played songs from their last album, the one probably everyone knows best: ‘Our Darkest Days’. The band played 12 songs, but 8 were from that album. This resulted in quite a big mosh pit and many people screaming along. However, many people didn’t care about this band at all, which isn’t weird because this band was the odd one out. It was yet again a very tight set, but many people had hoped to hear some newer songs and it’s still roughly the same setlist as it has been for the last eight years. Good performance, fun to see them again, but if you were there, you won’t have to see them for the next 2 years because the show will probably still be the same.

The headliner of this amazing edition of the EMP Persistence Tour was Sick Of It All. What’s left to say about this band? The band has existed for over 25 years and has so much experience that it was obvious that it would be an awesome show. This band always plays tight as fuck and gives it all. Today wasn’t an exception and the band nailed it once again. Of course, they played songs from various records and they tried to get the crowd more excited with every song. This resulted in several big moshpits, a wall of death, sing-alongs, and more. The crowd gave all their last bits of their energy and the set came to an end quite soon. The band ended with “Us VS Them”  and everybody went home tired as hell. Oh well, tomorrow’s just another working day, like we care, but please: next year on a Sunday again!

Afterwards I heard on the news that the pickpocket of the evening had been caught and many people got their wallets and cell phones back. This made this evening even better! Can’t wait for this party in 2016, hopefully on a Sunday again.