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Electric Wizard - Smoking cans
After being tormented for two songs by Worship at the 11th Roadburn Festival, I decided it was time to do an interview with the biggest cult-doom band ever, Electric Wizard. So I went to Jus’ lovely wife and co-bandmember Liz and she brought me to the lair of the Wizard on pot. One of my personal heroes indeed!! And don’t expect any long answers here!!!
Is the name Electric Wizard made out of two Black Sabbath song titles?
(smokes a big bud of weed through a can)
Hahahaha, yeah it is!
Electric Funeral and the Wizard? Is that some kind of ode to the heroes?
Yeah those two songs. An ode? No, well, yeah, I don’t know we were very wasted and we had to come up with a name. We just came up with Electric Wizard and stuck with it.
What caused the departures of both Tim and Mark?
Pffff I don’t know really. We just got sick of each other I think. When you’re around each other for over ten years it gets kind of annoying. You’ll start fighting all the time, it’s just no good. That and the fact that Tim is really insane. Literally.
After their departure how did you manage to maintain that genuine Electric Wizard sound?
I don’t know, the concept basically stayed the same. Once your in this band you become the Electric Wizard. It’s not just being in it, it’s more like becoming it. Just like the new band members have become part of the Wizard.
Where did the idea of a second guitarist come from?
I was planning on starting a band with her anyway, we just didn’t know what yet. So I asked her if she wouldn’t just join Electric Wizard. It works just fine, so why not?
So are you more satisfied with this line-up or with the original?
I don’t know they’re so completely different. There just is no comparing them at all.

This question is an old one since I originally intended to do the interview at the previous Roadburn Festival. How did you feel about headlining the Extra Heavy Stage there?
Was fucking awesome to play that man. It was also the first show we played in like two years or so. Yeah, was really good.
Do you think that you would make this sort of music if it wasn’t for drugs?
(his wife mysteriously laughs at him)
I don’t know, if it wasn’t for drugs I think I’d probably make more music.
What kind?
Well, the same probably.

Has work on a new album commenced already?
Yeah we have some stuff written already. Its supposed to be released sometime next spring. I have the artwork ready this time, so there will be no delays.
Would you rather have weed legalized or the way the do here in Holland?
Uhm the way they do here in Holland.

I think legalizing it would mean taxes on weed.
Yeah that’s my point of view too! Now here’s a bullshit question to check your personality. Who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
Ohh that’s easy, Arnold of course!
Aah I was hoping you’d say that! My man!! Well thanks a lot for this incredibly stoned interview. Do you mind if I stick around to roll a joint?
Sure go ahead (lighting another can… )
You can guess where it went from here on, we talked about weed, smoking cans, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and a whole bunch of stuff. I’m just glad I got to meet another one of my heroes.
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Electric Wizard
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