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Electric Wizard, The Freeks - For the Witchcult of Today!


This night was a celebration for the 10th anniversary for Roadburn. For this special occasion they invited the all-star psychedelic stoner-band the Freeks for their very first gig ever in 013. Also present that night were the English doomsters of Electric Wizard, although this was sort of a re-match for the Wizard. This due to their cancellation at the Roadburn festival earlier this year. They promised to be back for an exclusive show in September later this year and so they did!
The Freeks
This band is a collaboration of highly respected psych-heads and stoner-freaks. This all-star band features band-members of highly acclaimed bands such as Nebula, Earthless, Baby Woodrose, Kyuss, Zen Guerrilla, Monster Magnet and Ludicra. The most influential members of this band are probably Scott Reeder (ex-Kyuss) and John McBain (ex-Monster Magnet). That is probably the reason why most people were anxious to see this all-star band. The mood was set by some smoke and some awesome psychedelic visuals in the background. It immediately gave me the feeling of being back at the Roadburn festival. Musically this band is one big melting pot of everything that is 70’s and psychedelic. You can definitely hear their stoner and garage-rock background, but also their fascination for obscure psychedelic synth-rock stuff like Ozric Tentacles and Amon Düül. This is probably a band best to experience under influence of alcohol, pot or some chemicals. I have to say even without those substances it is still a very enjoyable band to witness. Especially the faster more garage-rock sounding songs from their self titled debut album come across very powerful. Good psyched-out show! Can’t wait until the next Roadburn festival! (RoyBalowski)  
Electric Wizard
The mighty stoners of Electric Wizard were chosen as headliners for the tenth anniversary of Roadburn, a worthy choice if I do say so myself. They had some making up to do due to their cancellation at the Roadburn festival earlier this year, and I was very curious to find out what the new line-up changes had done for the band. A new drummer (with some giant shoes to fill, considering previous drummer Justin Greaves’ legendary performances) and a fresh bassist might make a difference in sound. The show started with problems, and soon enough the bass amp was replaced due to malfunction. Now they were ready to go, kicking off with the opener and title-track of their latest album; ‘Witchcult Today’. The volume seemed a tad low where I was standing, although I heard otherwise from some people that were in front of the stage. Yet the low frequencies had no trouble whatsoever making my body tremble at a good score on the scale of Richter. Other tracks from the new album were ‘Satanic Rites Of Drugula’ and ‘The Chosen Few’, but the big surprise came when they finally played ‘Funeralopolis’ from the mighty Dopethrone record. The wait was long, but worth it. Overall it was a nice performance, yet the drummer clearly failed to decently replace Justin. He didn’t hit that hard, and it became increasingly less as the show progressed. He needs to really hate his drums to be able to convince me. Yet as they blew the crowd away one more time with their encore ‘Supercoven’ I couldn’t help but feel satisfied. Not as good as the previous tour, yet very nice to see and hear. (DemonDust)
Details Written on Tuesday Sep 30th, 2008
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #Electric Wizard #The Freeks
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