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Comeback Kid - An Alternative interview with Andrew Neufeld
Tonight I went to the Goudvishal in Arnhem to watch Comeback Kid, Bane and FC Five play their asses off. In between FC Five and Bane, I took the opportunity to have a talk with Andrew Neufeld, guitarist of Comeback Kid. A great guy. 

I decided to do things a little different this time. Apart from some standard questions everyone wants to know, I thought I'd bring some CD's and ask Andrew what his opinion was on these records to get a look in the taste of one of the big upcoming hardcore bands. You will see these as the last 6 questions of this interview!

Metalrage: Hey man, what’s up?
Andrew: Nothing much really. We just did some UK shows and are now back on the main land. We’ve played here before and it’s good to be back.
M: Back for another tour. How’s the tour going?
A: Amazing actually. Every show we play is packed. Tons of kids at the shows and every show we play the reactions we get are getting better and better. We got a new cd out and a lot of kids already know most of the songs. It’s great.
M: You brought a Japanese band along, that’s a first for a lot of kids. How did that happen?
A: We’ve been friends with FC Five for a long time. We played with them in Japan and they wanted to come along for this tour, so we did our best to make that financially possible.
M: And you just finished a US/Canada tour with Strung Out, how was that?
A: O, that was awesome. I used to listen to that band when I was 15 and now we toured with them. They are great guys, the tour was awesome.
M: Any interesting tourstories you would like to share?
A: Ha, I got tons of stories. But you know how it is, what happens on the bus, stays on the bus. Haha, no, you know, I could tell a story, but it’s never the right one or the best one. (Probably a lot of “You should have been there”-stories!)
M: So, what are the plans for the close future?
A: Well, after this tour we are going home to rest a bit from touring and write new stuff. Then we’ll be doing a headlining tour through the US and after that a tour through Australia. So we got some stuff planned. The new record should be in stores around fall 2006.
Madball – Set it Off
A: Madball, definitely one of my top 5 of favorite bands. I wouldn’t say “Set it off” is their best record. I personally prefer “Hold it down”. Or “Look my Way”. (Picks up the record) Well this does have a lot of good songs on it. “Down by Law” is an awesome song.
Social Distortion – White Light, White Trash, White Heat
A: I have a lot of respect for Social Distortion, but it never did a lot for me. It never really hit the soft spot I guess. Jeremy loves them though.
Modern Life is War – My Love, My Way
A: Modern Life is War. That is the best hardcore band currently around in my opinion. We recently toured with them and Terror. Apart from being a good band, they are also great guys. It was great touring with them.
Johnny Cash & Willy Nelson – VH1 Story Tellers
A: I like Johnny Cash. Especially those covers he did on the American Recordings Series. Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” was great. It’s awesome that he did that at such an old age.
E-Town Concrete – Time 2 Shine
A: Haha, I like them. They got a lot of funny lyrics, but I like them. I love the “Fuck the World”-EP. He looks like he’s thinking and starts singing a bit from Shaydee, lovely ofcourse. Haha, yeah, it’s just funny, but good.
Comeback Kid – Wake up the Dead
A: O, yes. I guess I can’t really say much about this one. Well, we put our heart and soul into that record. During the last few years, in a gradual upscale, we got bigger. A lot of touring, shows material. This record certainly opened a lot of new doors for us.
M: Thanks for the interview man.
A: Thank you! I’ll see you downstairs later then.
M: Sure! Bye bye.
A: See you.
Details Written on 2005-11-08
Writer @Spoerie

Tags: #Comeback Kid
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