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Comeback Kid - Broadcasting
With the 2005 release Wake The Dead, claimed by many as one of the best hardcore releases of that year, things couldn’t get any better for Comeback Kid. Within a year though ex-vocalist Scott Wade handed the mic to guitarist Andrew Neufeld and decided to leave. For most bands a rather big change that would most likely lead to a big deception.
Not in Comeback Kid’s case. As if nothing ever happened they unleash their latest effort.
Kicking off with “…Defeated”, a distorted palm-muted guitar sounding somewhere in the back, the band hits it hard after some seconds. Right in the first song the band works up perfectly to their almost trademark-like big chorus, filled with gang-vocals that sound like they were recorded at some sold out show. With breakdowns being one of the hottest and apparently coolest things to do in songs nowadays, Comeback Kid proves you can pull them off without sounding the same. Their breakdowns are pretty short and musically often very interesting.
Newly adopted singer Andrew Neufeld, who did still take care of 50% of the guitar duties, albeit only on record, proves to be a more than worthy replacement. Screaming from the top of his lungs he manages to give all eleven tracks the perfect finishing touch. Add this up to the fact that legendary producers Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore prove to have magic hands, and you know you should get this album. The record sounds tight and hard with everything falling in place, and even the biggest hardcore-critics will have a hard time not raising their fists to this one.
Title track “Broadcasting” and “One Left Satisfied” prove the band hasn’t lost their touch to write outstanding tracks while at the same time taking their music to a next level.
Third time’s a charm? For Comeback Kid it most definitely is.
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting
92/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 20th, 2007

Writer @Bad Astronaut on Wednesday Feb 28th, 2007

Tags: #Comeback Kid
Tracklisting 1. Defeated
2. Broadcasting
3. Expose
4. The Blackstone
5. Industry Standards
6. Give'r (Reprise)
7. One Left Satisfied
8. Disconnected
9. In Case Of Fire
10. Market Demands
11. Intuition
Line up Andrew Neufeld - Vocals / Guitars
Kyle Profeta – Drums
Jeremy Hiebert – Guitar
Kevin Call – Bass
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