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Madball - A long conversation at the Dynamo club
After asking some friends I found a huge Madball fan to do this interview for Metalrage. We want to thank him for his time; enjoy the story!

First question, where is Hoya?

Hoya had some personal problems, so he couldn’t be with us this tour. Next time he’ll be here too.

What do you think of the new album, do you think it is an improvement?

Yes, we are very proud of this album. We think it’s the best one so far. We went with a different producer this time, Zeuss. He is a new and very talented producer. He has produced albums for Hatebreed and Agnostic Front.

Our last albums were produced by Matt Henderson, but now we wanted a different sound and a new feeling.

Madball has put a new dvd together with the cd. Why did you do this?

Well, just because we wanted to give our fans as much as we could, worth their money. It’s just a little extra, like a documentary of the history of Madball, live footage and interviews. It’s fun to watch, it’s a lot of humor too, a lot of time, it’s just goofin`around,

Are the shows on the dvd recorded in the U.S.?

Yes, we played on the Superbowl of Hardcore and other shows in the U.S.

How do you feel about downloading from the internet?

I’m not really against it, because it gives us a chance to reach a broad audience. In this way we get a lot more fans. For hardcore bands, I think, it isn’t bad, but for big bands it’s more of a problem.

You are from New York. Several years ago we went there to check out CBGB` s. But now we’ve heard that it will probably be shut down. Do you know the latest news?

I don’t believe that it will be closed, because the place still makes a lot of money. The new owner won a court case so he doesn’t have to pay the debts in the rent from the last owner. But you never know, CBGB`s stands on precious ground to built expensive appartments. But we`ll see.

How about Hazen Street?

Well, I don’t know, probably nothing this year, since we’ll be touring with Madball and stuff…But I'm not in Hazen Street. I played along with the band, but I'm not in the band.
???, who also plays guitar in New Found Glory, wasn’t allowed to play on the record or to go on tour, due to contract problems between different labels…so, Todd Morse, Toby’s brother, did some tours with Hazen Street.

Is there any chance that they come over to Europe soon?

Well, probably not soon, but you never know, maybe they will.  

They got a lot of criticism from the internet hardcore kids like: they sold out, became pop stars etc…

Sell outs? Then show me where the money is! No, serious, we’re still as broke as we were. Complete bullshit! Gossip made up by some stupid kids.

The last few years, it seems that hardcore is not as popular as it used to be, did you notice?

Really? Well, the show’s sold out. Most of the bands I know play Europe, and like it a lot.

What European country do you like the most to play?

It’s full of shit to say, but...yeah, I guess I have to say Holland. The audience is always nice, and friendly people, good clubs with good sound systems. I don’t like to play in squatted places with shitty installations and dogs running around and stuff like that.

Are you going to play a new country this tour?

Yes, I’m really looking forward playing Serbia, we’ve never played there before so I’m really honoured. The 1st time you play somewhere is most of the times the best, the second time the audience is a bit reserved. But here, in Holland is the best, got also a lot of friends here!

Any bands you like?

Yeah, Backfire of course, and Angel Crew, and they are also good friends.

Backfire has also been in New York?

Yes, they recorded an album in New York, played a couple of live shows, also in CBGB’s.

What are your influences?

Well, I started listening to heavy metal, like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and so on, when some of my friends let me hear Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Killing Time…Token Entry…then I discovered Sick of it All on my own. But I’m most influenced by heavy metal, that made me wanna make my own music.

And you ended up playing in Madball. What’s the most memorable show you did?

That must be playing the main stage on Full Force 2003, in East Germany. 15 to 20.000 people, crazy! Or maybe Spain, the audience over there’s maybe the best in Europe, they’re super enthousiastic. Or the East Pack Resistance tour in Prague. After the release of “Legacy” we did a U.S. tour, and the 3rd show was in the Knitting Factory, in New York and it was really cool, all our friends were there and it was great you know; playing your hometown can be a stressfull situation, but it was great!

How old are you?

I’m 34.

Most hardcore kids are 18, 20 years old…

Yeah, well, when I was 18, I watched Ozzy Osbourne, who must have been 100 years old at the time. No serious, I don’t know untill what age I’m gonna play and stuff, but I'm gonna be involved in music, that’s for sure!

Are you a proffesional musician?

Yes, when this tour’s finished, we’ve been on the road for 10 months, and before that we’ve rehearsed for 2 months and recorded 1 month. So, I think you can say I’m a pro. Thank god, no side-job.

So this tour will take you about a month. What is the first thing you`re gonna do when you`re home?

Just relax! See my friends and dogs. And of course catch up with sports. I’m a big hockey fan, the New York Rangers of course. But, in all, just relax a few days, watching tv, nice food, you know.

Do you like our sport, soccer?

Well I like it more and more. Actually, a few days ago, I went to Ajax with some friends from Backfire. But hockey is better, haha!

Nowadays, streetpunk seems to gain more popularity. Do you think about this when you`re writing your music?

No way! Madball is Madball and we stay Madball. We don't even play other Hardcore styles. We do fresh up our sound once in a while, we don`t wanne get boring, you know, like with a new producer, but Madball stays Madball. A lot of metal influences. Freddy and Hoya also listen to Hip Hop and you can hear it in our music.

Ok, that`s about it, thanks for this interview!

You`re welcome, enjoy the show!

Interview by: Joris en Willum Christiaans
Details Written on 2005-12-12
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #Madball
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