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Madball - Legacy

Everyone gets his or her groove on when Madball starts playing. Everyones head moving to the groove, not being able to keep it in place. A lot of bands have tried to do the same thing and I think Barcode is the only thing that came a little close
And here is their seventh full-length, Legacy.

"Our most Madball record yet." Is it? Is this THE Madball record? Does this top "Set It Off" and "Hold It Down"?

This record feels like a live show. It sort of carries a live show along. And since Madball is know for their energetic live shows, they might have a point in saying this is the most Madball record yet.

On the other hand, things are somewhat starting to repeat themselves. Knowing what's coming and recognising riffs is one of the consequences. Is this wrong? Well, it's their seventh full-length. I think there is no escaping things like that. We know Madball as Madball and I don't have even the slightest impression that that will ever change. Definately not with this blasting record! Things just sound a bit familiar sometimes.

But there are a lot of new things that make this record a new record. Fat breaks, new riffs and ofcourse a lot of little things that make you go: "O, what? Did he just do that?". The record flows, from "Adapt and Overcome" , a song about believing in yourself and making something of yourself, to "the Crown" which is a song about the crown of hardcore and that they've come to claim it and ending with "Worldwide", a song about the all the love and help they've received all over the world.

And in between are a lot of good songs. We know "For my Enemies" from the NYHC EP and on Legacy we have a new recording of the song, bringing some minor adjustments along.

"Hardcore Pride" is a 15-second song, sung by Hoya. A 2 second countdown, a slow groovy four line verse lasting 9 seconds, a three second blast of aggressive "Hardcore pride" chants, half a second of silence and a blah from Hoya. Legs are bound to break when this is played in a packed venue.
Worldwide is a song that, if it was up to me, hadn't made it to the record. I don't like the soft 'respect to me to you' stuff.

But we have 15 others, of which, my personal favourite is "Heavenhell". It starts off with the feedback from "Adapt and Overcome", building up from there, keeping it slow and pale, to set it off with a "GOD SAVE ME"-line from Freddy. A groovy song with a catchy sing-a-long chorus and equally catchy riffs and verses. What really takes this song above the others is a break at 2:26. A little guitar feedback. Pause. Freddy: 'It feels like' ...

'I'm caught between Heaven and Hell' and beatdown!

Well, maybe it's the most Madball record ever. I like it, that's for sure. Whether it's the best Madball record, that's a personal thing and something that has to grow. Decide for yourself. There is a video of Heavenhell on the website and For My Enemies is downloadable.

Release date is the 2nd of august. Check it out.

Madball - Legacy
92/1001Details Roadrunner
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Spoerie on Saturday Jul 16th, 2005

Tags: #Madball
Tracklisting 01. Adapt And Overcome
02. Heavenhell
03. Behind These Walls
04. Legacy
05. Timebomb
06. Darkest Days
07. The Crown
08. War And Hate
09. Until Then
10. Final Round
11. Damned
12. For My Enemies
13. 100%
14. Hardcore Pride
15. H.C. United
16. Worldwide
Line up Freddy Cricien - Vocals
Hoya - Bass
Rigg Ross - Drumms
Mitts - Guitar
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