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Moneen - How you feel about it..
So here it is. The interview with Kenny (vocals and guitar) from Moneen. Some very true and honest answers he gave. I can find myself in some of those. Read it, and maybe you know what I mean.
Before I knew Moneen, I confused your name with Maroon. Well, that’s quite something different than what you do. How would you introduce yourself to those who aren’t yet familiar with Moneen?
“Well, we just played with Maroon yesterday. So as soon as you see us you won't be confused.
They are crazy metal straight edge vegan dudes who will kill you and we are a bunch of Canadian wussies that are way too hyper. We like fun a lot though. That and doing things that make us feel like we are making a difference. Which can be very hard in a band like ours. But being creative is what makes us feel good. I can't do things and just drift along, I get very sketched out by not pushing myself. In Europe right now it is very easy to just play and then sit in the bus. But I need to do more than that. I cannot just let myself take things for granted. It is my fault though. I need to make a point to live every moment and not let things pass me by.
I also have a problem with staying up way too late thinking about stuff and then I feel like crap the next day. It is a vicious cycle…kill me.”
Your music is described as emo. Though I think your music goes way beyond that. How would you describe your music? Are there any special bands you’re influenced by?
“Well, writing this record was really different for us than the others. We were into a lot of different music than ever before. This time we were not afraid to try things that are not usually what we would be brave enough to do. I really got into Muse in the last 2 or 3 years. So that was a huge influence to bring some new elements into Moneen. As well Radiohead and Ours ruined my life. I really like bands with amazing singers…it makes me want to push myself that much harder as well makes me realize that I suck so bad! Ha ha. No I’m kidding, I don’t suck that bad anymore. Another artist that got into my head was Imogen Heap. Listening to her stuff made me realize if done right you can fit so much music into one song without it tripping over itself. Normally we would not ever write anything in a minor key. Now we are embracing the depressing and dark side of life.
I like to bring a positive light out with songs, even when the song is about something real miserable. It is nice to find the good in things…if not, then we would all want to jump off a building everyday after watching the news.”
Your song titles are quite long. It makes you think that they cover up some heavy subjects. Is there a special story that you’re trying to share with us?
“There is no certain one story, but the songs cover a very wide variety of matter this time.
I am not singing about myself all the time now. I have issues that are addressed but more importantly are the things happening to all of us right now. There were so many screwed up things in the last year that it was not hard to find other things to sing about. The long song titles have become a real bad ongoing  joke with us. We stated this with our very first EP and now cannot stop. It is a fun game for me to make the titles. I always wait right before the artwork is done to do them. Then I laugh at how ridiculous they are. You never know, maybe the next record will actually have shorter titles…hmmmm, maybe not.”
I’ve read that there is a documentary of the writing and recording progress. What’s the story behind this documentary?
“It is very honest…a little too honest. It is hard for us to watch. To see yourself yelling at your friends and getting upset is never a nice feeling. But there are a lot of really funny times as well.
It turned out good. I don’t know when it will be released. It only covered the pre production. That was a weird time for us. The first week was terrible. We were still trying to find ourselves within these songs. So we got discouraged, sad, angry, inspired then sad again. Ha ha. But the second week, which was not video taped was full of happiness and laughter and excitement. Funny. We had the best time and the camera was far gone. Ironic. So guess what made it to the movie. We had the best time when we were actually recording. Some of the best times of our lives. We videotaped those ourselves. But no one will ever see that footage. Not enough drama in the good I guess.”
You’ve been on the road quite a while. You came back and started writing and recording for The Red Tree. What are the plans for the next few months?
“We are on tour for about a year now. Sounds funny to say, but I am not lying.
With Europe and America and Canada and possibly Japan and Australia we are never really going home. We could not be any more proud of this record so it is a pleasure to get to play it for so many people. Touring is the greatest thing as well as the hardest thing ever.
I never complain about it openly, but you have to make sure you take advantage of all the good times. Hold them, hug them and never let them go. Wow, that sounds a little weird.”
And what are the plans for the next few years?
“We are going to keep touring on this record until we have shoved it down as many peoples throats that we can. We have some work set ahead of us. We just want to meet as many people as we can and play these songs that we love so much. As long as we get to keep playing music rolling on the ground and climbing on things, then we will be happy.”
Well, seems that I’m not the only hippie. I don’t know how others think about it, but for me it is always a pleasure to hear and feel the joy people can get out of music. It’s a good thing Kenny and the rest of Moneen feel this way about it. Yes, the power of musica! Good luck to all of you!

Love Maurits
Details Written on 2006-05-31
Writer @Maurits

Tags: #Moneen