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Life Of Agony - LoA is back - A chat with Keith
[b] Life of Agony is back after a way to long split-up. Keith is back with the original members from Life of agony and they are ready to go. Keith was in the mood to answer some questions for Metalrage. [/b] Hi Dirk. its keith [b] How is your Dutch?[/b] Still learning. [b] LoA is going to make a new album and probily their will be a tour, How can you combine this with your solo career?[/b] Time is of the essence. i will make it work. the boys(loa) will help me make it work as well.. [b] On the previous albums a lot of songs where about missing your mother, to know the real thruth and stuff like that, Last year your father is passed away, Is that a new sources for new lyrics or are you passed that fase? [/b] Ive already written an entire record for my dad, on the subject alone. the creative is always alive. [b] Why did you decided to live in Holland? [/b] I love the culture, i feel comfortable there, i have many great friends, as if i were in nyc. also its all about the arts, and van gogh being one of my favorite tongues why not, perhaps ill discover an even greater country one day. [b] What�s the reason for contineuing with LoA? [/b] Lets just say we have unfinished art biz to take care of, also to heal one another and our devoted army of listeners. [b] Did you have contact during the split-up? [/b] Some of us did, yes [b] What have the other bandmembers done in the time of the split up? [/b] Lived and survived. [b] Why did you choose for the line-up from River Runs Red and not with Dan Ridchardson? [/b] No comment. [b] Most of you live in Europe instead of America, Is this because of the insperation? [/b]no. only I live in holland [b] The europeen magazines say that you�re coming to tour on festival in may/june. Wich festival in Holland do you prefer? [/b] i prefer all of em.. [b] On Lowlands you did a semi-accoustic set, is this going to happen in the future? [/b] who knows...??? [b] What can we accept from the next LoA album? [/b] Hopefully you accept it, if not, whatever. [b] If the new album is a succes will you continue with LoA? [/b] yes. even if it isnt. [b] What was the most beautifull moment in the history of LoA? [/b] Our death and our recent birth. [b] Last question. Do you have anything to say to the readers of [/b] of, thnx for taking the time to read this interview. [b] Thank you very much for making this interview possible and much succes with yourself and LoA in the future. [/b] Thank you Dirk.