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Life of Agony - 31-05-05 - Paradiso Amsterdam
Ah, one of my favorite bands is playing in one of my favorite dutch venues. The Paradiso is an old church, converted to a venue. Somehow I always think that Paradiso shows are a bit special. Anyway, I was lazy that day, so I choose to sit on the balcony for a change, instead of standing down there with the sweaty crowd. I must be getting old.

Support act 7even was quite boring, I dont think they were a good choice to open up for LoA because of their pretty typical, standard rock. The songs were good and catchy but I never got the impression that I should rock out with them. Nice chance for those guys though.

After a short soundcheck LoA got on stage, right on time as well (you dont see that much these days!). I cant remember the setlist all to well, but the band started with "River Runs Red", followed by "Don't Bother" from their new album. These tracks were followed by "This Time", "Other Side of The River", and the current single "Love to Let You Down". I do have to say that the new stuff songs work pretty well live, something I didnt expect when listening to the album. The band only played "Weeds" from their Soul Searching Sun album. 

The band played quite some songs from the River Runs Red record: "Method of Groove", "Bad Seed" and "Through and Through" got played. The set was quite short, after an hour the band went backstage, ofcourse coming back for a 10 minute encore. 

Personally I think this is one of the better gigs I've seen from LoA. Keith was singing great, and Joey and Allan were clearly having a damn good time. Drummer Sal Abruscato was doing his thing in the back. Is it me or does this guy always look relaxed? The sound was good as well, which definitly added to the overal experience. The crowd interaction could be a bit better, since most people were a bit tame. All in all, a great show!