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Life of Agony - Krieger and Green Lizard on stage with legends
Once again Niamen joined me on a crusade to the 013 in Tilburg. This time we went to see Life of Agony who were supported by Dutch rockers Green Lizard and an unfamiliar German band called Krieger. Before the show we actually had a long pleasant conversation with Life of Agony guitarist Joey Z, which you should have read by now, and after a small bite we entered the venue to watch the show.
First band Krieger hails from Germany and the band even sings in German. The music can be categorised in Rock’n’Roll mixed with some heavier sounds. Vocal wise it reminded us of Rammstein. The guitar riffs were easy but catchy and therefore the music is very open and easy to understand. The band didn’t play a bad set, neither did they play a wonderful one. I never have been a fan of music in a foreign language but you have to speak to your audience in their language or in English; not in your native language. The only thing I have to say is that the musicians in this band are very good, especially the drummer and guitarist but some members need to work on their podium presentation!
Second band of the night was Green Lizard; the Dutch rock band has been around for quite some years now and I have seen these guys a lot of times. To be honest I just don’t see the link between the band and the audience. The musicians are great and the music is well written and performed but there is no connection and therefore this music has never impressed me. And what some members cannot achieve with Green Lizard; they sure are capable of impressing me with their other project Jaya The Cat so I conclude these guys sure are talented. The set the band played wasn’t that long and the one huge hit they ever had called Autumn was not played this night.
I still think these guys are great musicians; but do I think these guys should continue with this band? I am not sure, they will always play shows and sell music because they have got a lot of fans but maybe it was better for them to stop at the top.
Earlier that night Joey of Life of Agony promised us it would be a great show, and he sure kept his promise. When the backdrop of “Broken Valley” fell, the band got on stage and started with the song “Don’t Bother” from their latest record Broken Valley. The second song of that night was “This Time” and while the crowd goes crazy you can tell it’s going to be a great show. Life of Agony is really enjoying the show with songs like “Through and Through”, “I Regret” and “Weeds”. Joey and Alan are jumping up and down and Keith is doing his thing. On the announcement Keith turned 32 a few days earlier the audience started to sing happy birthday and the band announced the song lost at 32. Life of Agony also played a lot of songs from their latest record “Wicked Ways”, “Strung Out”, “Junk Sick”, “Love to let you down” and “The day he died” (which was dedicated to the mother and father of Keith). After an hour and a half Life of Agony ended the show with “The calm that disturbs you” and “River runs red”. I had a great night and I’m already looking forward to the next time they’re in Holland.
Thanks Buzzin for letting me joining you this night.