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Ruiner - A short mail conversation
Several weeks ago I reviewed the latest album of Ruiner called Prepare To Be Let Down. As a result of this review I got the opportunity to have a mail interview with the vocalist Rob Sullivan of Ruiner. The result of this short mail interview can be read below.
First of all can you give an introduction of yourself and Ruiner?
´My name is Rob and I sing. The band is me, Steve on Bass, Danny on guitar, Mitch on guitar and Joey on drums.´
Your album ‘Prepare To Be Let Down’ is out for several weeks by now. What are the reactions so far? 

´I think it's doing great giving all the difficulty surrounding the release. We wouldn’t be more stoked as a band.'
Your album was produced by Jim Siegel who also worked with Dropkick Murphys, Death Before Dishonor, The Ducky Boys. How did you end up with him?
´Well we all agreed we wanted to get out of Baltimore to record this record. We thought it would help us focus better. After listening to a lot of records from different studios on the East Coast we felt the outpost was where we wanted to go.´
How did the recording process go with Jim Siegel?
´Great… he is a very interesting person.´
The lyrics from Rob Sullivan are quite heavy. During the album he spills his guts out. Has life been that hard on him?
´I wouldn’t say my life is hard, which is a point I try to make on some of the songs. I live a pretty average life, I’ve just made a fair amount of mistakes. So I write about it. That’s the way I get over things.´
I read on your website you cancelled the remaining dates of the tour what happened? 
´It’s a long story but needless to say we broke down a lot of times. We ended up very broke and had no choice but to head home if we planned to coming to Europe this fall.´
The idea was to come to Europe in the fall does that idea still stands?
´Yes from September 14th  till  October 14th w/ Sinking Ships.’
If you look back on the beginning of Ruiner what were your influences back then?
´Just living…´
Has this been changed with the influences of today?
‘No at all.’
If you could pick any festival in the world where you could play with Ruiner where would it be and why is that?
‘Definitely Woodstock 95.  I’d get to see NIN and Greenday at an amazing show.’
What will the future bring for Ruiner?
‘Probably lots of debt and further self destruction.’
Well I’m out of questions do you have anything left to say to the readers of
‘See you soon!’
Details Written on 2007-08-06
Writer @Niamen

Tags: #Ruiner