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Ruiner - Prepare To Be Let Down
A well known saying is: 'never judge a book by its cover'. But everytime I get another release of Bridge Nine Records it is a good one. So in the last year I’m starting to appreciate Bridge Nine Records more and more. This resulted in a little dance of joy when last week another Bridge Nine band called Ruiner hit my doormat. Ruiner from Baltimore Maryland came together in 2004 and convinced Bridge Nine Records with their Do It Yourself ethic to release their first full-length album called Prepare To Be Let Down.
Starting with the title track, Ruiner gives you just 10 seconds to get ready for the album. After this it is full throttle until the end of the album, which is approximately twenty minutes later. Prepare To Be Let Down goes on where their previous seven inch has ended, a mixture of Modern Life Is War, Blood Red Ink and With Honor.
Music wise most of the hardcore bands are quite similar. As for Ruiner that isn’t that much different. But in hardcore it’s all about passion and that’s something Ruiner has enough of. Especially vocalist Rob Sullivan who spits and screams every word like it could be his last. Add up to this with a tight production of Jim Siegel, who puts the whole album in a bit darker mood.
When you tie this all together you have a great album of a little more than 20 minutes. Of course that is way too short but on the other hand I rather have an album of 20 minutes with great music than one with 60 minutes of crap. So in the total package it’s a pity that the album lasted for 20 minutes especially because it’s really good. Especially the songs ‘The Lives We Fear’, ‘Repetition’ and ‘Kiss That Motherfucker Good Night’ are the ones that lift the album to another level. An album that will make many spins in my cd-player for the time to come.
Ruiner - Prepare To Be Let Down
82/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 19th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Jul 11th, 2007

Tags: #Ruiner
Tracklisting 1. Prepare To Be Let Down
2. Bottom Line: Fuck You
3. The Lives We Fear
4. That Stone Better Be On Fire
5. 40 Miles North
6. A Song For The Beggars
7. Long Time Coming
8. Repetition
9. Choke On It
10. When The Morning Ends
11. Sleepless
12. Kiss That Motherfucker Good Night
Line up Rob Sullivan- Vocals
Danny Porter - Guitar
Mitch Roemer - Guitar
Stephen Smeal - Bass
Joey Edwards - Drums