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Ruiner - Hell Is Empty
Since several years Bridge Nine is the ultimate hardcore label when it comes to great releases. Every release pushes this label further into the direction of a cultlabel if you’d ask me. About two years ago they released the first full-length album of the Baltimore based act Ruiner. Back then I was really impressed by this debut album. So it’s pretty obvious I do have some great hopes for this sophomore album called Hell Is Empty.
Like their previous record, the total playing time is less than half an hour. I admit that isn’t much, but on the otherhand I rather have 20 minutes of great music than 60 minutes of crap. With 'I’m Out' Ruiner takes over with full force. It looks like the production is a slightly different compared to its predecessor. It is a bit more open which has a great effect on the music. The melodic hardcore approach still sounds great, especially with the raw voice of Rob Sullivan.
Rob Sullivan is still as critical as he ever was, which results in some great honest lyrics about everyday life and is brought to you with a powerful voice that spits every word like it could be his last. It is also this passion that pushes the album to a higher level. Compared to the previous album there are more mid tempo songs on the album, but in my humble opinion this gives some great variety on the album and also shows that Ruiner isn’t afraid to look beyond the horizon.
Again Ruiner created a great album and also showed a great leap forward. This album is probably a delicacy for every fan of Bane and Verse. Go check this one out!
Ruiner - Hell Is Empty
85/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Saturday Sep 9th, 2023
Melodical hardcore / Hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Monday Nov 16th, 2009

Tags: #Ruiner
Tracklisting 1. I'm Out
2. Dead Weight
3. Two Words
4. Part One
5. Part Two
6. Convenient Gods
7. Meat
8. Loneliest of Hearts
9. Committed
10. Solitary
Line up Rob Sullivan - vocals
Mitch Roemer - guitar
Danny Porter - guitar
Stephen Smeal - bass
Joey Edwards - drums