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Soulfly - Marc Rizzo's snowball career
At the last show of their European trek, I just had to do an interview with Soulfly. Especially with a new album in the works now and with the upcoming Inflikted (Cavalera Conspiracy) project coming, I thought it was to do ask some questions. My interviewee was the kind Marc Rizzo, who of course offered me a beer during this interview. Itís like he knows meÖ
So, last day of the tour again, how was it?
ĎGreat, but very short. Like three weeks, not enough. It should be like three months.í
Yeah, youíre getting used to it?
ĎYeah man, I love it. Iím addicted to it! I wanna play a show every night.í
I can imagine. A couple of days after this youíre doing the 11th Annual D-Low Memorial show, what can you tell us about that?
ĎYeah it should be cool. Weíre gonna be there with Soulfly and also it will be the first Inflikted live appearance. Itís gonna be wild!í

So after that it's on to album number six...
ĎWeíre gonna write another Soulfly record, right after the D-Low show. We havenít even started anything yet, but as soon as we get into the studio we will start working on some ideas. Weíre just waiting to get to the studio and jam it out.í
Also Inflikted is coming up, what can you tell us about that. Was it a natural process for the two Cavalera brothers to come back together?
ĎYeah it was real natural. I was just in the middle of my solo tour, got the call, ended the tour and went straight to the studio and started writing music. It went pretty quickly and it came out awesome. I think people are really gonna like it, itís definitely a throwback to the old days. Itís awesome.í
Did you ever dream of getting to play with one of the most legendary metal brothers duo ever?
Yeah itís pretty intense man. Up till now it has been kind of like a snowball effect with my career. Itís just like one thing after the other. First we got signed with Ill NiŮo, then leaving that band. Signing with Shrapnel with my solo stuff, then Soulfly and now Inflikted, itís just been one thing after another. Itís been amazing. And itís a real honour to play with the musicians I grew up listening to of course.í
For the completion of the Inflikted line-up you got the bassist from Gojira. Where did that idea come from?
Uhm, I like Gojira a lot, itís an amazing band and Jean is a really cool dude. I think Roadrunner purposed to use him and it worked out great. Heís a real talented musician that really added to the sound of the band I think.í

So when can we expect to buy this album?
ĎUhm, Iím not too sure, I think somewhere in the beginning of next year. Now the promotional work for it begins of course.í

Can we expect touring from Inflikted as well?
ĎI think so yeah, I think thatís the plan.í

So is Soulfly gonna be on hold for a while then?
No I think right after we do Inflikted tour weíre gonna go back out and tour with Soulfly. I donít think that there will be too much touring with Inflikted, weíre gonna jump right back into it with Soulfly. Itís gonna be a busy time, Iíll probably wont be home for six months again.í

Do you think that there will be a complete Sepultura reunion at some point?
ĎI donít know, Iíd like to see it happen. I never got to see them, I was always away when they came to my town. But I donít know, it could happen you know.í

You also released your solo album, how is that coming along?
Yeah The Ultimate Devotion is my second album now, and Iím real happy about it. Real excited, I also do some vocals on it, itís going great. That and some other projects, but itís hard to do that because Iím always on tour.í

Yeah isn't it hard to find time for your own material?
ĎNo because with Soulfly we occasionally we take some time off, so the minute I have some time off I call my booking agent and they book me a tour. Thatís what happened this year, Soulfly took six months off in the beginning of the year, so I immediately went out on a solo tour in America, touring the whole country. So when Iím not on tour with Soulfly I go out on my own.í

When you go on your solo tours, do you see a lot of the same faces you see at Soulfly concerts?
ĎYeah thereís a lot of Soulfly fans, but thereís also a lot of kids into stuff like Dream Theater, and fusion type of stuff. Just people who want to watch you play. So itís a cool mixture of people that want mosh and people that just want to sit there and stare. Itís pretty cool, I kinda like having it this way. And Iím creating a bit of an audience of my own as well.í
With the first interview Metalrage did with you it appeared so as if there was some sort of beef between you and your previous band Ill NiŮo. How has that worked out?
ĎI think it worked out great. Well, for me it worked out great Iíd say, I mean Iím playing in a band with Max now, and now in another one as well, my solo stuff is going great. I guess I have the last laugh. I mean Iím real happy with where I am now. I was a real negative time in that band, for me it was a learning experience as well. For me, and other people as well, if youíre not happy in a situation you should leave, you never know what other opportunities might open. You may close one door, but you never know how many other will open up for you. So here I am with a solo record deal, solo tours, Soulfly and now Inflikted. So it worked out really good.í
So about a year ago there also was some bad news coming from Soulfly, Bobby Burns suffered from a stroke. Is he fine now?
ĎYes, he has recovered fine, heís a hundred times better now.í

But wasn't he a natural choice for Inflikted as well?
ĎI think Max and everyone at Roadrunner wanted to do something different. I got asked again, but everybody in the band wanted to do something different than Soulfly. So thatís why, Iím surprised I even got asked.í

So there isn't that much tribal and ethnic music to be heard with Inflikted?
Uhm, yeah I would say this is a more straightforward thrash metal record. It isnít experimental as a Soulfly record, it just thrashing from beginning till the end.í

Have you seen The Simpsons movie yet?
No I havenít, I donít watch that. But I really donít watch that much TV. Iím addicted to the History Channel though, if I watch anything itís that or Discovery.í
Okay, no questions about The Simpsons then. Do you have anything to add to this interview?
ĎYes of course a big thank you to all the fans for the years of support! And thank you for the interview!í
Yeah thank you too!