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Soulfly - In a really really hot venue
Last Tuesday on a very hot and sunny afternoon I was heading to the beautiful city of Utrecht to watch another show of Soulfly in Holland. It was already the 4th show of Soulfly this year and we are only half way.  But to promote the show Roadrunner Records decided to give away a guitar that was signed by the members of Soulfy.
Support act of today was Laberinto. These guys have been around for quite
some time and even played Dynamo Open Air festival in 1997. The style of music is a mix of nu-metal, tribal metal and you can even recognize some jazz influences every now and then. And it sure is a fact this band isn't 100% percent tight but there are not a progressive band. Lucky enough the band manage to present the audience a wonderful show full of jokes, passion and crowd participation. Even the Soulfly guys were watching the energetic and interesting show. With a drummer, percussionist, guitarist, bassist and a vocalist who also uses various (strange) instruments they manage to convince me. I really liked the performance of Laberinto but I think the problem with these guys is that they are a live band and you will not experience the same feeling when you are listening to this on a disc.
Prior to the show of Soulfly the signed guitar was allotted. Eventually a girl won the signed guitar which had also her birthday that day. She was of course very happy with the signed guitar which made her birthday one she would never forget.
In the meantime it was getting hotter and hotter inside the venue and with a lot of smoke onstage it was obvious it would take only seconds for Soulfly to enter the stage. Indeed after several seconds the intro tapes was started and we where of to another Soulfly show. They started with ‘Babylon’ of their latest album Dark Ages immediately followed by ‘Prophecy’. This time the songs are very well mixed into each other and of course they played all the greatest hits in Max’s career. ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ (Sepultura), Refuse Resist (Sepultura), ‘Beneath The Remains’ (Sepultura),’Back To The Primitive’, ‘Jumpdafuckup’, ‘Eye For An Eye’. Soulfly even played ‘Their Law’ from the well known dance act Prodigy.
The best improvement within Soulfly for the last couple of years is the guitar player Marc Rizzo. Besides the fact he’s very active onstage, he’s also a great guitar player. The guy is a true magician with his guitar and sometimes it makes you tired just watching him play. I’ll bet this is the reason why Max Cavalera gives him a solo spot every show. He gives Soulfly that extra push to make it special again. The extra's he is adding to the Soulfly sound has really improved the music, live performance and the entire picture. You cannot call it a strange thing Max Cavalera has used the same line up for two albums this time. He has found his magic formula!
So there you got it! Once again a lovely Soulfly concert in the Netherlands on a hot but successful day. No guitar for me, better luck next time! If you ever get the chance to see this line up, DO IT! Knowing Max you might never get a second chance!