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Soulfly - Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibe!!!!!!
This was the first time that I would see Soulfly perform indoors. Before this I had seen them at several festivals, but never headlining. So this would be my first full length Soulfly show ever and I couldn’t wait to see it!
Opening act was Born From Pain whom I hadn’t seen since last summer at the Dour Festival. Back then they proved to me that their glory days had long gone, so I was kind of hoping that these Dutch metalcore heroes had found some of that past glory back.
The show was a mixture between old and new material, all played extremely tight and enthusiastic. I have literally no points of criticism towards them except that I still like the older tracks like “Never Return” and Reclaiming The Crown” better than for instance “This Is The New Hate”. Well, that and the fact that the bassist perhaps should do something about his backing vocals. They sounded a little sore.
They managed to get a hardcore pit started now and then which I always love to see. They were received quite well and managed to get the audience ready for what was yet to come. Their mission was accomplished.
As soon as the intro tune to Conan The Barbarian sounded throughout the venue and the Soulfly foursome entered the stage it was time for the tribe to take over again. They opened of course with the first track to the Dark Ages namely “Babylon”. Which sounded superb, and that’s something that rarely happens in the first song on the big stage at 013. They followed that track with “Prophecy” and “Seek ‘n Strike”. Those three tracks made me incredibly happy, and by the looks of it everybody in the venue loved it with me. People were jumping, moshing, screaming and perhaps even bowing down to the music performed on stage. It was literally tearing the motherfucking house down. Hell yeah!
Other tracks played were “Carved Inside”, “Roots Bloody Roots”, “Refuse/Resist”, “Back To The Primitive”, “Innerspirit”, “Arise Again”, Born Again Anarchist”, “Mars” and “Jumpdafuckup/Bring It”. Of course his son Richie joined in when playing “Bleed”, which turns into “Tree Of Pain” where Fred Durst’s rap part should begin.
I was informed by someone from the record company that Max was suffering from a throat ache, which was noticeable on stage. There were some parts that he didn’t sing at all, and he had to run towards his drink a lot. Nothing I was bothered by at all, since this man’s charisma makes up for every mistake he might make.
The intro to “Tribe” was of course Max with his berimbau singing the Zumbi verse with the entire crowd. There were a lot of jam parts as well, that featured monstrous solo’s from ultra shredder Marc Rizzo, damn that guy can play. Max leaves the stage at that point, to put on another outfit. The tribal drum part was nice to see as well, Max invited someone from the crowd to play the drum with him, that guy really looked like he was having the best day of his life.
I believe they went of stage after playing my Dark Ages favourite “Frontlines”, and a track that was not quite know to me. I’m guessing it’s a Nailbomb track because it featured Max doing real fast pissed of verses where he’s yelling about the Policia. After that it’s just a short wait until the legendary “Eye For An Eye” is played.
After all that I could draw the conclusion that I had just witnessed a monstrous show that I will not forget for a very long time. Extremely satisfied I ventured home with a big smile on my face, thinking that this music brings me into very Bright Ages.