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Dew-Scented - A world view by Leif
[b]Metalrage got the opportunity to interview Dew-Scented. As it was a little too late to do it by mail, Metalrage reporter Mat-Core went to the X-Mas Metalfest and Leif found some time to answer our questions with utmost enthusiasm.[/b] [img][/img] [b][i]M: How have Dew-Scented originated and could you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?[/b][/i] L: Owh, that�s a though question after so many years. We had some demo tapes in 92 and 94. It wasn�t the same line up though. Now it�s only me left from that period. We recorded our first album with the current drummer and guitarist in 97. When it was recorded, we played wherever we could play and promoted our album. We had quite good opportunities as we played in Japan and America once. Also we played in quite many countries in Europe. Well, that�s quite the summary. [b][i]M: All right. How has your style evolved throughout the years, when looking from Ill-Natured to Impact?[/b][/i] L: A lot actually, we have gained a lot when speaking of technique. For us it was a mutual unspoken process. On the first record you can hear that we are still looking for a style. Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore, we tried a lot. We recorded our next album with a more direct, more catchy and aggressive style. We reached more technique on Inwards and Impact and you can hear the new style in the songs. More original and catchy, we found a style the suited us and also the pattern of this new direction so that the people understand what we are. [b][i]M: Okay, can we expect the same style in the future?[/b][/i] L: I hope so, we are not pretenders you know. When we will write new songs, they probably will sound like our songs do sound now. We are doing what we have in our veins. Just playing at a rehearsal, jam, and this is what comes out of it. I think we stand for quite aggressive Thrash Metal. [b][i]M: On Inwards and Impact you sound full of anger, would you want to explain what it is, where you are so angry about?[/b][/i] L: Owh, so much man. Just open your eyes and go out of your apartment. You can see that a lot of things are wrong. We are actually pretty quiet people but we need our outlet as well. This music is our outlet and we are doing it for people so they can have an outlet as well, for us and also for the audience. [b][i]M: How would you like to compare Inwards with Impact?[/b][/i] L: Well, you can see it as the next step. We wanted to go more technical, more aggressive and also faster. [b][i]M: More Solo�s�[/b][/i] L: Yeah, definitely. There is a quite big difference between the albums, but if you don�t understand the music, Inwards and Impact will probably sound the same. See this as a next logical step for us. When we are jamming, we always think of songs like this. I don�t think we can go faster because that�s almost impossible. We are quite fast for a Thrash Metal band. [b][i]M: Speaking of the records, why do all of your albums with an I?[/b][/i] L: Just because we want to have something catchy gheghe, [b][i]M: Is this always going to be?[/b][/i] L: Well, it will be until we run out on good ideas. Look, when we are thinking of calling the new record Impotent or Iron Maiden, then you should start to worry and we will find a new pattern. [b][i]M: Morbid Angel is doing the same thing with their alphabetical titles.[/b][/i] L: Yeah, and they will probably reach the entire alphabet but I don�t think we will make another 20 albums. But we will continue until we run out of good ideas. [b][i]M: Next question, could you tell us a bit about the recording process for Impact?[/b][/i] L: It was quite the same as for Inwards, we recorded in the same studio. We recorded all the stuff in 2,5 weeks and then out, so it was a quite fast process. It was released throughout Nuclear Blast somewhere in September. [b][i]M: Well, this question has been gotten through half already. What can we expect in the nearby future? Another album with an I?[/b][/i] L: gheghe, yah, if we have a good idea. Yes! [b][i]M: The current tour, how is it going? Nice people, nice shows?[/b][/i] L: Yeah, it went all well when we started 4 weeks ago. We did a pre-tour with Nile and Misery Index for 10 days. It was quite nice because we knew these people already, from 98 and 99 of course and from the X-Mas metalfest of 2001. We were familiar with each other and the shows went awesome. It�s a very interesting tour as they are all good performers and we get along all together. [b][i]M: In which country do you have the highest fame? Is that in Germany, or are there other countries as well?[/b][/i] L: I think we are quite well known in Germany because we have a long way back there. We made a very big step the last 2 years here. I guess that we are doing fine everywhere. We already have a quite big amount of fans in the UK and in France. We also went to Japan and the shows went very well! The tour was quite nice although they were pretty gay gheghe. Also in Northern America we are doing great because we went over there not long ago and it all was good enough that we will return next year. [b][i]M: Are there any goals in your life you want to accomplish?[/b][/i] L: Well, we wanted to make an album, we wanted to go on tour and we did all of that. That was a pretty good goal. [b][i]M: Yeah, but in the future, there could be more to accomplish?[/b][/i] L: Nah, I�m quite happy. If we just can continue with what we are doing now, I am satisfied. My goal is to see the band continuing, it isn�t much, but it makes us happy. I think that�s the main goal, keep the band running. [b][i]M: Anything useful to add to this interview?[/b][/i] L: Well you know, any naked pictures of girls� Nah not that much, just buy our albums, visit and make us rich gheghe. [b][i]M: Thanks for the interview man![/b][/i] L: No problem at all!