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Misery Index, Dew-Scented, Coldworker - Three times headbanging
Not long after their previous tour with Necrophagist, Misery Index is back in Europe for another devastation tour. Like last  time they brought some amazing bands with them, like the long-time running thrash metal outfit Dew-Scented and the ‘newcomers’ Coldworker, with ex-Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson behind the kit. Let’s get banging!
Oh boy, I was so excited to see Anders Jakobsen (ex-Nasum) destroy his drumkit again, this time with his new grinding deathmetal band Coldworker. As expected Jakobsen succeeded subliminal in this task, but also the other musicians did a good job on maltreating their instruments. The only one I wasn’t so positive about was singer Joel Fornbrant; his vocals were okay, but he had a severe lack of performing skills. In no manner he acted as a frontman and between the songs he sometimes had the urge to only explain the political content in a few words, which didn’t really came well across. Although Coldworker mainly plays death metal I must say that the more grinding blasts were the real top of the notch. It was a good show, but mister Fornbrant really has to grow in his performance, only then this band can become a real spectacle. (Sledgehammer)
After Coldworker it was time for Dew-Scented. The Germans had the task not to slow down, although they of course make way less noise then the Swedish band before them. Dew put up an enjoyable show with robust death thrash kick ass metal which did the audience some serious good! Seeing them for the second time in just a few months, they truly convinced me of their live-capabilities. I mean, a song like 'Vanish Away', how can you not bang your head if it gets played so powerful and in your face? Next to a great show we also had a good laugh about a few younger kids who boozed a little bit too much Wodka. One of them took a nosedive on the concrete ground and had troubles with standing upright after, but he did get attention of the singer. All's well that ends well. (Mindsaver)
I’ve never seen a disappointing Misery Index show, even though they usually play for a pretty lifeless crowd in Holland. This show was one of the best I’ve seen of them and there was some constant moshing going on in front of the stage, so it must have been more fun for them too. Their music just has to piss you off man, it breathes aggression in every way. Tracks from a whole lot of albums, EP’s and split albums passed by, giving my ears the beating of ten lifetimes, while my neck was working out like Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids (did I really make a joke about Arnold?!?). At one point drummer Anders from Coldworker got behind the kit with the Misery Index guys to do a Nasum cover, I forgot which track but it was good for twenty seconds of nostalgic blasting of the best kind. Definitely a highlight of the evening. For the rest, the show was just utterly perfect, no complaints whatsoever. Praise Misery Index! (DemonDust)